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So far we've seen enough real-world movies up to popular Disney cartoon movies to know they're not so much interested in breaking the mold.
It would not be surprising if the real-life Aladdin film, based on the classic cartoon film of 1992, was satisfied for the most part of it to go within the limitations of the original film.
You'll feel that most scenes are familiar to the original movie lovers, so if you're looking to see a movie that takes a completely different approach, you may be disappointed. What the film offers us here is a dynamic and exciting adventure with wonderful optics that could have spent more time on offering something new

Disney faced a major challenge in return to this film, how could you re-introduce the Genie character? The unique and highly distinctive role played by late legendary Robin Williams
But it can be said that Will Smith's performance as "Genie" with all the controversy he faced as blue before the release, was quite successful.
Smith skillfully avoids the only thing he would have done to fail his performance: Trying to imitate the cartoon genotype that Robin Williams did

Jenny Williams was an exaggeration of the famous anarchist character of actor, and woe Smith intelligently preaches the attempt to match the performance. This "Jenny" depends on Smith's charm and the amount of fun that he clearly feels to play this role.
The story also gives Genie's character here more depth than just a blue and funny "gene", giving him an unexpectedly interesting sub-plot

But does Smith succeed with magic alone? It depends a lot on your opinion of Boyle Smith himself. While Robin Williams gave dozens of different voices and personalities to inflame life in Jenny, in such a way that we would not expect what we would see next, this copy of personality looks much like it's just a blue wil Smith (or a hich figure that might be closer), so your evaluation of the character will vary depending on how ready you are to accept this issue

While Smith is doing a great job, this great "genotype" of Smith's character makes you wonder whether a representative's push for himself beyond his safety zone could bring him closer to unlimited creativity that made Robin Williams's performance memorable

Smith's wonderful character ultimately overcomes the new actor Alyafeh Mina Masoud, who plays Aladdin.
The text, which seems to be always interested in the characters surrounding Aladdin, does not help him more than Aladdin himself

This is because Aladdin plays a somewhat shy role, and you will have to offer something new and creative to emerge when you stand in front of the blue "Fresh Prince".
Masood presents a stronger performance in his comedy scenes when he plays the role of Prince Ali, as he stumbles in an attempt to attract Princess Yasmin and find new and strange ways to unwittingly spoil things

Aladdin appears at the beginning of the film as he works as Robin Hoody if he is right to speak, in an attempt to show us the film that he is a good-hearted young man who cares for the worse.
But when his selfishness starts to realize his aspirations to control his decision, it seems that this happens only because it is the way in which the story is supposed to be made and not because the personality sought to make us believe that Aladdin can easily become and tomorrow based on what we know about him.
This is an example of the big obstacle the film suffers from, which is that it is generally always ready to be very similar to the cartoon version

This shift from a good person to a person who only thinks about the cartoon is successful, but here only reminds us that film operators are only ready to make a few changes, and even those changes don't offer any real shock when they happen.
This is disappointing here because, especially with the presence of "genotype" here, the possibilities for presenting innumerable new perspectives are endless. The fact that most of the story remains unchanged prompts you to feel that the film is wasting the opportunity to exploit the potential of this world

The only aspect that seems to be a clear improvement from the 1992 edition is to increase the depth of Yasmin's personality, which plays her role as actress Naomi Scott, to the extent that the film sometimes seems to be interested in her story of Aladdin.
The three-dimensional princess looks much more interesting with her ambitions this time. Scott gives character a sort of prestige and motivation that makes it easier for viewers to attach to it than the old cartoon character

Both Yasmin and Jenny get vibrant, innovative stories that are a welcome addition, but this helps to highlight that Aladdin is an old, predictable figure when compared to them

The assistant representatives' crew is divided between the stars and the weak, while the two new figures, represented by Neseem Bidrad and Billy Magnuson, perform a lot of laughs, yet, the performance of the actor Marwan Kenzari is disappointing

Except for a quick dialog about his disgrace to the second rank, it is not quite clear why Jaafar plans against the throne of Sultan except for the fact that he is only a sinister person. Jafar al-Kurtouni was carrying real hair and darkness, but the character of Kenzari is replacing that with a disturbing and intimidating image of authority that does not really arouse interest.
But he is the person who stands in the face of Aladdin and they are called, and we want them to be together

Fans will be delighted to learn that the great songs Aladdin has been lovingly presented here. Although One Jump Ahead appears to be a missed opportunity at the start of the movie, it focuses heavily on the totally unsuccessful chase and connection, but the rest of the songs are very great.
The Friend Like Me song can be said to be the visual peak of the film, and perhaps the closest reshooting to the magic we saw in the cartoon film.
One of the greatest surprises in the soundtrack was a new song by Bing Pasick and Justin Paul is Speechless

Scott is a great singer and Speechless artist who shows off her skill perfectly. The song may not win any prizes, but it works well within the context of Jasmine's story.

In terms of optics, the film rarely disappoints. The city of Akraba looks lively, especially as the grand "Prince Ali" enters, as well as the beautiful depiction of the surrounding desert.
The Cave of the Wonders scene in particular shows the skill of Guy Ritchie to create action scenes, everything related to the mysterious danger of that scene, and to the jumping of Aladdin with Barkour movements all over a planet moving at a remarkable pace under his sight


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