Alita: Battle Angel

Alita: Battle Angel
Rosa Salazar

The famous Battle Angel Alita tells a story to be made in the distant future, when a teenage Syburg is found in a giant scrap pile, which detects who it is and who you want to be through exciting action scenes one after another

It's an amazing fantasy work, which has now turned into a great long visual movie but has been packed with so many plot and events that practically no place for the actual target is

The film was renamed Alita: Battle Angel, starring Rosa Salazar (who played a role in Bird Box) in the role of Alita, the memory card that sees this destroyed world with wide eyes full of astonishment and wonder

She is co-starred by Krstov Waltz as Edo, the gentle Sayburg reformist who reviles Eita and becomes her alternate father. Edo wants to look for her own destiny, free of all the burdens that come with her high-tech body

No one seems to know where it came from or why it is so sophisticated or why it has an unparalleling experience in the long-lost martial arts of Salzburg

Story at Alita: Battle Angel is so intense that it can fill several movies. Just over one film, Aleta investigates a serial killer, becomes award-winning, love-loving, and joins the killer and professional Siberg sports team, revealing its existence. In the meantime, the sinner, Victor (Maharashala Ali), and his uncle Sherin (Jennifer Connelly), who run "Motorball" races and work with kidnapping, maiming and other illegal matters

These events cover almost the first 4 volumes of the Manga Battle Angel Alita, and although the arterial authors of Eita Kalugrides and James Cameron are trying to bring all these parts together, the film suffers from a loop-like structure

Aleta's artists drive through a particular story, which rises to a giant climax, then takes a break and moves to another story that builds another big scene, then it starts again

It's like watching the first third of a TV series at once and then stopping suddenly, but Alita: Battle Angel is limited to only 122 minutes, so it looks like everything is going on quickly

The existential crisis, which is at the center of the original story, in which Alita struggles to know who she is and where she came from, is quickly resolved, because everything must be clearly revealed in order to reach the next spectacular course of action

So the film is closer to being a huge Hollywood movie full of action than a strong science fiction film

But even though the film does not live up to the level of the smart and philosophical source from which it is taken, it remains an amazing production

It offers a vibrant world full of detail from the cyber-population and stunning sites that appear to be extremely realistic at the same time as the latest technology

This kind of surprising magnificence is what makes films a witch in the first place
You'll find yourself and have moved into another amazing world full of wonder and interesting details
 The Alita is a visual masterpiece


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