Dark Phoenix

Dark Phoenix

Although the Dark Phoenix film is not as dramatic as some may have expected because of its dull, 
but it is a chaotic and chaotic finale of the long-term X-Men series

It can be said that the film is slightly better than the previous filming of the Phoenix character in X-
Men: The Last Stand

Certainly better than X-Men: Apocalypse, but Dark Phoenix remains a disappointing finish for a 
series of almost 20 years

Disney's acquisition of the X-Men characters from Fox from now on. 
Yes, let's recognize that The 
(New Mutants remains the last film related to Fox's X series to be released next year)

Jane Gray's Phoenix personal film allegedly suffers to give his personal hero or a true identity away from her superpowers

The events of Apocalypse, which appeared to have ignited the Phoenix powers within them, are simply ignored in exchange for giving them a kind of celestial power that they live during a rescue 
mission in space

While this may be more accurate in terms of storyboards than in The Last Stand and what was  suggested in Apocalypse

But its newly discovered heavenly powers are just a plot to be pursued by evil and excuse to divide heroes in a melodramatic way. Phoenix forces are not explored or defined at all

Jane's character Sophie Turner plays her three shades here: The fearful, contemptible and furious, at her best, but the text itself burns her tragic story without finding a figure to enable viewers to feel 
connected with a gene on the emotional level

The story is about Jane's attempt to find her strength among two of the oldest guides  
(Charles Xavier) 
played by James Mcavoy
And the evil space creature, Jessica Shastin, who is trying to control it, but it is rushed with its flight, 
but not to get too deep in its personality

Do not bear the tragedy of the gene's suffering the weight required and this is reflected in the damage 
it has sustained and its X-Men friends as a result

Mystique, played by Jennifer Lawrence, plays her usual role in the story, pushing the cheek of the 
acting actor Nicholas Holt as his mandates are tested

Magneto, played by Michael Vaspinder, seems to have found the world's quiet corner to live in peace before he goes back to the heart of the battle, where he gets some fascinating moments full of action 
to boast of his abilities, even when his world looks at the film

But all three characters, perhaps similar to the chain itself, want to finish everything and just go ahead

All the characters are equally frustrated by Xavier and his oratorical style, which has the second most important pivotal role in the film after Jane

Professor X's haughtiness was a weakness of his younger personality, and Dark Phoenix sees him as a somewhat demonic
 person because of his past actions) but largely for the same reasons revealed in The Last Stand)

However, James McVaughey performs the role quite convincingly, as Xavier thinks of the dilemma he has made to some extent

Charles Xavier lives in the scenario of "being cautious of what you wish", where X-Men are now considered heroes. Fear and hatred toward converts have become less than ever, until Jane returns to the dark side and his anger toward Javier publicly

For the first time director Simon Kinbreg, who also wrote the script (and also co-authored The Last Stand), presents us with some spectacular action scenes along the film, especially the climax battle on a train, maintaining a balanced, largely bleak orientation for a large part of the film

In fact, it can be said that the first half of the film is the best and most consistent part, but the way the film was filmed was widely publicized

To distinguish him from another superhero's film according to reports (probably Captain Marvel), he had a clear effect on the second half of the Dark Phoenix film, where his frequency becomes irregular and puts some logic behind a particular plot and specific characters' observations

One of the biggest missed opportunities in the film is the way it deals with the bad guys. A race of space objects (whose name we will not mention to burn you nothing) to get a cosmic weapon can hardly be considered a new idea (as Captain Marvel recently showed us), but Dark Phoenix does not 

give Chastain's character or any of her assistants any depth of their personality
As with Oscar Isaac's character in Apocalypse, Dark Phoenix is wasting a talented actor in a superficial role

Chastien serves as a single-dimensional evil role with supernatural forces. (You will even have difficulty remembering the character Shastin played because her name is only mentioned once, perhaps in the entire film)

The film simply ignores who and what they are (of course, human beings have established the first contact with space objects and no one mentions it)
As the film never explores them more than they are "others" that we must hide, and that is a really strange and negative message that a film from the X-Men series sends


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