Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Show

The Fast & the Furious series is complete with Hobbs & Shaw. This is the ninth series film and the first sub-film in the fact that Universal manages money in a crazy way is nothing like the original 2001 movie that started everything, except for some hints and smart signals. But this is much better in many ways

When Fast Five breathes a new life in the series in 2011, Dwin Johnson as Loch Hops has become a symbol of this creative transformation, by stepping up small criminal races and plots by contracting with key heroes to carry out very difficult burglary operations for the government. Johnson has not left the chain since then, bringing with him a huge amount of energy and charm that makes him one of Hollywood's most recognized stars in every job he participates in. Luckily, Dikard Chao (Jason Stathan), the wonderful evil of Furious 7, also didn't leave the series

Fortunately, the film does not delay in bringing together the two major heroes. After an opening scene introducing Driss Elba to the role of the flyer Elseburg Prekston Lor, in addition to Shaw's wonderful sister, MI6 Hati (Vanessa Kirby), we briefly see our two children living their personal lives before they receive a call to work. Author Chris Morgan's and Derriu Pierce's scenario uses the old "virus that will eliminate the world" plot we've seen in most of the ever-enraged series of spyware films. For Hobbes, this task may be just another action to save the world, but for Shaw it is a personal mission to save his sister

But not as if he was his sister in need of rescue. It can be said that the name "Chao" in the title of the film also comes in the plural form, because Hati plays a role as important as her male counterparts throughout the film. Kirby successfully transferred that charming and vibrant energy he brought last summer to Mission: Impossible - Falloutto this film, with the starring role this time stronger. With the presence of very big Actionen stars such as Johnson, Nathan and Alba, they are the only ones among them to prove themselves, and they are quite successful in doing so. Kirby gets into her own action scenes, and adds gravity to each punch or kick more than the men the screen shares. Even when they don't fight, they have the magic and behavior they can carry the film through their barely coherent script. Please give this woman her own motor vehicle, now

It may be an unexpected surprise that the duo turns into a triple, but those who came to see Johnson and Statham face the bad guys, they will get out of the cinema to be happy. The Fast & the Furious movies have become more funny and light over time, but Hobbs & Shaw can be considered the first movie to be actually classified as an action comedy. Many of the scenes that bring these two stars together on the screen are very funny, even if most jokes focus on who can see their muscles more and who has bigger members

These two stars have the ability to deliver weak comedies to the public only by virtue of their presence on the screen and their great harmony. You can really touch the competition between them to surpass each other in the same shooting site, and in some cases, it seems that director David Leach is making them cry over the cursing curses on each other with very close footage of the princess to pick up their smallest facial expressions. It's just a bit more successful, because Johnson and Statham are more successful in physical comedy. In these funny encounters, the film succeeds in bringing these two stars together, but it nevertheless becomes somewhat disturbed. Although they are all the same, they do not succeed in reaching the level of what Chris Pratt and David Bautista do in the Guardians of the Galaxy for example

However, the action is largely successful. It is back to us to look after both the Atomic Blonde and the Deadpool 2 films again to prove its ingenuity by shooting close-range battles. All battle scenes are outcast by hand, while some larger scenes may look similar to scenes from director Michael Bay's films, with many explosions and computer-generated objects (CGI) that may sometimes appear as an understood interlocking storm

But the biggest problem of the film is its long duration, extending over two and a quarter hours, which prevents it from keeping its star magic between the scenes of the big action. The story is slowing down, and it also doesn't help that when you feel the story is about to end, the text returns to offer another half an hour of plot. It can be said that the film contains two third chapters, and that the role of Alba in it, which claims to be like "black superman", is not attractive or deep enough to maintain the tension required during either of these two chapters. Prexston Lure is a surface snort represented by Alba to add some dramatic touches rather than having a deep real personality

However, the chain maintains its spirit. While Shaw fights to keep his family together (Helen Mirren again plays her role as criminal mother of some scenes), Hobbs is who has to learn the value of his roots at the end of the day, visiting Samoa for the final battle that sheds light on a culture that we don't see much in films. Although it may not look exactly in place, it is fun to see how the first Fast sub-movie finds a way to pass the same great enthusiasm about the family values that the series has at least been famous for


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