Kit Harington joins Marvel's world of cinema

Kit Harrington joins Marvel's world of cinema
Kit Harington

Disney's D23 conference in California witnessed the official announcement that star Kit Harington joined Marvel's movie world, a series of films and series in a common fantasy world, focusing on a series of superheroes films, which are produced independently by Marvel Studios

Kevin Fage, chairman of Marvel Studios, announced the news to the public, saying that Roche Struggle Star Kit Harington will play the role of Dan Whitman, who is known as Black Knight in The Eternals film

The film-producing company presented a presentation video that included photos of heroes in the forms they will show on in the film

The film, which is expected to be shown in November 2020, will play a large number of stars from their father Selma Hayek as Ajak, Angelina Jolie as a warrior Thina, Kamil Nangiani as Kengo, and Laurie Redlov as McCurry

It is worth mentioning that Eternals figures appeared for the first time in Marvel's 1976 picture books, and were created by Jack Kirby, who have extraordinary abilities as a result of the genetic experiments made by cosmic beings on a group of humans


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