A new film of Resident Evil comes back to the horrifying roots of the game.

Resident Evil

Despite the success of the Resident Evil  film series, which was starring " Milla Jovovich "from 2002 to 2015 in Its last part ( Resident Evil : The Final Chapter )

However, the film series did not impress the fans of the famous games series, which took the film series of the same name and was the dissatisfaction of the game lovers that the film series does not depend on anything from the plot of the game except viral infection of course which it's the basis of the story and the use of some horrifying iconic monsters such as " Tyrant " and the" Nemesis " and others ,
that monsters that known once mentioning the name of the resident evil, which was broadcasting terror in the hearts of the players, which established the rules and atmosphere of horror of the series of ancient games, and except that it is far from the events of the game, either from near or even from a distance, and that did not like the players ,

Where the atmosphere of the film series lacked horror, which is the basis of the game and relied on 
 action too much.

But that seems to change with the new film, with director  " Paul W.S Anderson " revealing that work is underway on the latest film of Resident Evil, stressing that it will be very scary and that it will return to the roots of the series
Games, that's all stated right now

Of course, the director's statement confirms that this film will not follow the story of previous films that have moved away from the story of the games and focused on the action, but will tell the story of the game and offers horrifying scenes as in the original games.

He also expressed satisfaction with what they have achieved so far with this project, saying that they have reached advanced stages of the preparation process and will move to the production phase soon.


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