Angel Has Fallen adds 4 million revenue at the end of the first week

The action and excitement of Angel Has Fallen was won by world star Gerard Butler
Added $4 million to $25 million in revenue for the first weekend in North America
"Angel Has Fallen" has a large number of stars, most notably Morgan Freeman, Pepe Pirabo and Jada Pinkett 
 Smith and Sapir Azoulay
The film is directed by Rick Romman, who co-authored with Robert Mark Kamin, Matt Cook Creton Rottberger, Catherine Benedict, and Creton Rottberger

The film is a sequel to the second part of the film, as the secret service agent Mike Banning found himself suspected in the attempt to assassinate the US president, and the film is part of a hunt by the FBI, and as the events follow up, he discovered that the main target was to get Michael away from the US president to be targeted in an easier way.


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