Death Stranding is ready for launch

Death Stranding is ready for launch
Death Stranding is ready for launch

Finally, after waiting for three years, since Kojima announced his own project Death Stranding in collaboration with his development team " Kojima Production ", it is now golden and ready to launch.

Whereas in the morning on the official development page of Kojima Production, they announced that they have finally completed the development of their upcoming game and are now ready to launch ,

To be released to us as scheduled on November 8, 2019 on PlayStation 4.

The team commented that they had put their souls, efforts and love into that game, and then thanked everyone for their support. Finally, we will see a new game that opens with " Hideo Kojima Game ". The tweet also included a picture of Kojima's team of eighty developers ,
In addition, Kojima holds the gold version of Death Stranding.

Death Stranding is ready for launch

Death Stranding , as we have seen and understood the game, is taking place in a disastrous future world where Apocalyptic catastrophe occurred, and a supernatural catastrophe divided the United States into several cities, to become the name of UCA.

The president of these cities, " Emilia ", in collaboration with  " Die Hardman ", president of Bridges, wants to reconnect those separate cities with something similar to a set of " USB flash drive " interconnected together with the " Qpid " series .

And our hero " Sam " reconnect cities by activating stations called  Bal Chiral Network Terminals by those Qpid and for that you have to carry out the tasks of delivery of the people responsible for those stations in order to allow you to activate the station to connect the city with America.

Death Stranding is ready for launch

As we knew that the game and Kojima himself has been widely criticized by the players after it was introduced from the style of play, and some accused it as a simulation game for walking .. But Kojima has been able to respond to these allegations, explaining that he intended to make the world empty to feel the player alone ,

And it introduces a new style called
  " Strand ", where the pattern is based on cooperation between human beings or the development of cooperation between human beings that if you leave a ladder in this world will show that ladder to another player who benefits from it.

Help the person without knowing. I think it is a beautiful idea; how happy you will be when you wake up and open the game at the area you left yesterday and had no cargo or ladders and suddenly you find a ladder or something that saves you as if the game tells you that you are not alone exploring this world. This does not necessarily mean that the game requires you online , On the contrary you are free to play.

This is in addition to the fact that the game does not need to subscribe to the PlayStation Plus in order to play the collective mode, which is expected the game will be like " Nier Automata " Online   on it was a condition to complete the game and see the real end of it and therefore did not need to subscribe to the Plus, and here strand style based on help Players to each other and their cooperation together .. If there were no players I think the game will be empty !


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