Disney Upcoming Movie " ONWARD "


We are also used by Disney to its
 Animation movies with its beautiful paintings and its impressivets plot.
We are waiting for its new Movie "Onward", which will be produced by Pixar Animation Studios
for Walt Disney Pictures,
To be released in 2020.

The film's events are taking place in a magical world full of Elves, Trolls, Mermaids, fauns, Centaurs , Satyrs, also the Gnomes, Goblins, Sprites and other different magical creatures that will be present in this magical world, and the beautiful ones that It is not related to reality in any way.

We guarantee that Disney and Pixar Studios will take us on a beautiful magical tour of this outstanding movie.
People in this magical world will use modern machines such as mobile phones, cars, and others instead of
Using them for magic .

The film's events revolves around the two teenage elf brothers ; Ian and Barley lightfoot.
They will go on a trip to explore
 their magical world

To find out if there is still charm in their world so that they can spend a day with their father who
He died when they were too small to remember him.

The film features a stunning cast of actors;
Tom Holland as (Ian Lightfoot "voice")
Chris Pratt as (Barley Lightfoot "voice")
Julia Louis-Dreyfus as ( Ian and Barley's
 mom " voice" )

In addition to the  Distinguished actress ;   (Octavia Spencer)
And that besides, (John Ratzenberger ).
The film is directed and written; Dan Scanlon.

The film is scheduled to be released on 6 March , 2020.


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