Downloading games for phones reached 11.2 billion in the second quarter of 2019

PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile

New report from "Annie app" shows
 fictitious numbers regarding smartphones.

The report shows that phone games were downloaded nearly 11.2 billion times between April and June 2019,

 and the most popular platform to download games was the Android Store Google Play.
This large figure has had an impact on the total global loads of all mobile applications, with video games accounting for at least 35% of all uploads globally.

Video games on phones accounted for up to 75% of all spent on phone apps in the official Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
For the Apple App Store, the United States was the biggest market for him, followed by China and then Japan, and it turned out that the biggest activity of players on a monthly Mediterranean-standard video game was on PUBG Mobile ,and Fate / Grand Order was one of the most spent games.

It is noteworthy that in early July reported a report on the revenue of phone games, showing that the revenue of smart phone games approaching exceeded  30 billion dollar.


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