eFootball PES 2020 Review

eFootball PES 2020
eFootball PES 2020
After a long period of domination by EA Sports and its FIFA game in the sports market , Konami is taking its first steps to regain the glory of that ancient series ,

The company was able during the last year to put its foot on the right track and make significant changes in the game play as well as the stages of play. In order to continue on the right path the company had to make many changes and increase the scope of its rights ,

Indeed, the company started to contract with many famous clubs and attracted them in the game, as happened with the club "Juventus" Italian and several major clubs in Europe, which became part of the game eFootball PES2020, which is the new brand for the game series .

Alongside these rights , the company has promised us to make realistic and radical changes to keep its foot on the right path, even if it is a limited step.
This is what we will surely learn during our review of the events of that game.

After Konami lost the rights of " the Champions League " and " the Europa League " last year, the company also lost the rights of the English club " Liverpool " this year, which is now part of the FIFA 20 game, In order to compensate for the absence of these rights as I mentioned the company decided to sign with many of Europe's top clubs, namely "Manchester United" and "Juventus" Italian and "Bayern Munich" Germany ,

And managed to preserve the rights of the club "Barcelona" Spanish again, and now we can play them in the game with their original names and logos without the need to bring external files to modify the logos and data of those clubs ,

eFootball PES 2020

But of course you will need it for the rest of the rights of English and Spanish clubs, but the acquisition of the rights of those clubs is a step in more acquisitions in the upcoming releases and indicates Konami's serious intention to compete for clubs ,
And major patrols within its old series .

Unlike the rights of major leagues and clubs, Konami focuses on the gameplay, which, as mentioned at the outset, is trying to provide a realistic experience and therefore the game has got a lot of radical changes in terms of playing style specifically.

The most prominent of these changes are the positions of the players, which is even better than the previous version, which became the position of the players well throughout the events of the games without the need to move one of them to another position, which was a nuisance for many ,

The positioning of the defenders has become much better, especially when trying to stop the attack of the opponent team find every player is committed to the place assigned, which made it easier for us to cut a lot of balls, especially with the linking link to the goalkeeper has become a very difficult defense area for us or even for the opposing team ,

Artificial intelligence has evolved a lot and is also involved in cutting balls, but at the very least, so you can't get used to helping you.

But as we mentioned during our impressions of the demo version, this problem was renewed in the full version which is that in some situations in the game trying to make strange mistakes and incomprehensible movements of defenders ,

This is an attempt by the game to infuse realism and that players are not that ideal !!
This is something I see a little naive. Although these cases are limited, the game does not need to be developed in order to prove its realism,

From the previous version, passes in the game became faster but now more difficult than before ,The game limited the number of passes on the pitch and became easy to cut dramatically, either by defenders or even the midfielder,

Moving on the stadium long with the ball became very difficult and the passes became not easy at all,

That's why you'll have to use the skills to open up new spaces for players to pass ,

In most cases, you will no longer be able to scroll well in the reverse position of the player.
You will have to first take the scroll position correctly and then scroll as you like, right or left.

Since we’re talking about scrolling, one of the hallmarks of this year’s release is interstitials that are finally fixed ,

Over the last many years of the game, we have been suffering from those passes that put just one touch of the attacker against the goalkeeper strangely , But here the situation has changed completely,

Inter-passes have become more difficult and require a certain accuracy and time in order to be able to implement them as smoothly as is mentioned, adds significantly to the realism of the game,That is why the scoring rate in the game is low compared to previous versions that ended in 6 and 7 goals per half,It became easy for defenders to read and predict those passes and move from their places and the rhythm of the attacking team's opponents in the offside trap.

eFootball PES 2020

The game saw not only changes on the back lines but also on the front lines, in particular the offensive line, which now has new skills that can be used by skilled players only , These skills and new animations can be used to allow attackers to dodge defenders and try to shoot.

Since we are talking about the payment as well, he has also witnessed wholesale improvements, the most important of which is the famous Finesse shot, which you can implement by pressing the R2 button with the payment button, these shots,

 which have always had strange targets in previous versions, became more difficult during this year's release, From being limited to a group of high-level or even highly skilled players,It is also possible to expect and move the goalkeeper to stop them and not all come goals now, but has a level of difficulty to implement in some cases within the game.

eFootball PES 2020

The refereeing of the game was not one of the elements that witnessed any significant improvement , not only that, but it also does not provide opportunities for players to take advantage of the ball after the acquisition of it again, it disrupts the attacks a lot of time and was one of the troublesome things we faced during the game experience.

The online game is much better than previous versions, whether it is playing traditional games or even Online Division games.

The thing that made the online gaming experience better from our point of view is to improve the level of the game servers, which is better than before and is faster to find other players in a short time Extremely ,This is compared to the previous parts that required more time to find other players and competitors.

But, of course, there has been no change in online gaming, so we hope to get different ideas and patterns, such as the inclusion of Battle Royal inside it or many different ideas within the online gaming phase and not only restrict it to traditional games in order to add new competition to the game.

Online gameplay, which has seen little change, was not the same for Konami's myClub mode to compete with the FIFA " Ultimate Team ", which is the most important mode in the series and EA Sports' first earner.

But here, unlike the changes in the last version, the phase has seen little change except adding more legends to the mode.

eFootball PES 2020

Instead of no changes to the " MyClub " mode , Konami decided to make those changes within the older mode of the series, the " Master League ", which has seen many changes that make you feel like a real club manager , At the beginning, many legends join this stage and you can choose between them like the famous Dutch "Johan Cruyff" or even Argentinian "Diego Maradona", 

but the annoying here is that you can not customize the shape of the trainers or even design your own character, but you will have to choose only one of the managers Already identified for you.

The mode also bring one of the most famous options of RPG games is the system of options during the conversation with the rest of the characters of the game and you can answer questions addressed to you through several options, but ineffective during our experience of this mode.

The mode has also become more organized than before and you can talk to the players and try to develop it in order to take advantage of it on the stadium.

But the annoying thing about the stage is the acoustics and vocal performance of either the manager or even the rest of the characters , there is no sound at all and just writing dialogues in front of you on the screen is strange, and it seems that Konami did not want to bring voice actors to provide a better experience for this mode.

eFootball PES 2020

One of the really impressive changes in the game is the graphic level of the game, 
where the " Fox engine " has been able to provide significant improvements to the game, starting from the players and cleared their faces,

 especially the players of clubs that the company got their rights and appeared realistically , Apart from clearing players' faces, there is a lot of interest in designing licensed stadiums, from the exterior of the stadiums to the entrance of the players to the stadium itself , 

There is attention to every detail, whether mature green grass or falling snow in case you experience winter play.

The game has also seen a good graphic level in terms of fans and enthusiasm that you find them throughout the game and even the logos they hold throughout the game makes you feel that you are watching a real game and not just a video game.

In terms of sound effects, the game also performed well starting from the English and enthusiastic commentary throughout the course of the game, or even the voices of the masses and their voices always transcendent with songs ,

 Especially if you play at home and among your audience and comfortably ahead of the opponent team.


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