Frozen 2 launch date


The famous film "Frozen" who did not like Frozen with its beautiful and beautiful pictures, beautiful charming songs, and of course the outstanding audio performance of the great staff, especially the beautiful Queen Elsa and her sister Princess Anna
It has been highly successful and its revenues have exceeded the billion and 276 million dollars, while its cost was $150 million.
He won a huge number of prizes, the most important of which was the first Oscar prize and the best Animation film prize.

And "Best Achieve in Music Written for Original Songs"
It also crowned the Golden Globe Award as the best animated film, as well as the "BAFTA" award.
And the African American Film Award
And American Cinema Editors
And Annie Awards

Now Disney is back to us for a second part of this fascinating movie, which from his trailer's view knows it is as good as its first part, where it contains breathtaking epic scenes and makes you wonder what Disney can add to this work more than it has on its first part.
In the early days of the trailer's second part, millions of views were acquired and viewers began to question what would happen with the sister Elsa and Anna
With the rest of the people who love everyone, especially the figure of the comic snowman Olaf who made his performance the sound of the comic star (Josh Gad).

This is with the same old staff;
(Idina Menzel) as Queen Elsa
(Kristen Bell) as the Princess Anna
(Johansson Grove) as Christophe's role
New actors will also join in this wonderful adventure: Ivan Ratchell and Wood Sterling.
All of this outstanding staff and the output will be done by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee
Jennifer also wrote the script for the film and it seems that the makers of this part decided to keep their magic description that was the reason for their first part success.
Disney is sure to launch the film on November 22, 2019
Instead of November 27, 2019.


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