Gears 5 : Game review

Gears 5
Gears 5

The Gears of War series has not made any new since its part three in terms of many changes will please fans and lovers of the series,

Although Part 4 has been a good success at the cash level ,
But the series needed to change as each part of the Xbox 360 trilogy went down.

Gears 5 has come with many promises since it was first announced at E3 2018, which the title of the game itself has been changed from Gears of War to Gears only to signal what changes and improvements in gameplay and collaborative experience will bring.

The story of the game :

After 4 months of bloody battle at "COG headquarters " between the " Gears " and the new enemy that appeared in the last part " Swarm ", Kait and Del are tasked with a new task of going to one of the Outsiders forts to try to persuade them to join the COG and the Union against the Swarm so they can destroy them forever ,

But it's not that easy, as the Outsiders leader, Kait's uncle, refuses to join because he's tired of fighting them as their power grows.
Hence, the Swarm attacks them, but this time something happens that finally takes Kait out of her silence and refuses to vacate the city until after knowing the truth and what causes her to see things that cause this permanent headache and what is the truth of her mother who has always shown her in her daydreams.

Marcus Phoenix advises her to go
somewhere and there she may find answers to the questions in her mind and know the truth about her mother and confidential information about the Locust , hence the adventure begins with Kait and Del in the depths of snowy environments, very cold weather and facing unknown dangers to find out the truth.

The story is good and not bored, but will take you with it in a world of mystery and suspense and thrill of what will happen.

You don't yet know Kaite's truth, but here the first flaws of the story appear, It revealed that secret very early in the game, which makes you wonder why the writer did not notice that it will negatively affect the story and receive it?
This disadvantage not only stopped here, but also affected one of the chapters of the story in which I felt empty and empty where there is no real goal I seek
To him or something curious makes me wait for the answer.

But the story in general will satisfy a large segment of players, especially fans of the series, it offers a lot of epic scenes and it seems that we will get a huge epic in the sixth version, just as he did the second part before it ended to suspend the third part.

Gears 5 gameplay :

The most famous series since we knew it is the typical gameplay, and the fifth part as I mentioned brings with it many changes.
The first change in gameplay was the design of the stages, where the game became almost an open world but not as big as open world games like" Assassin’s Creed ",
But closer to " Metro Exodus " or " God of War 2018 " , it always looks huge but on a smaller scale because the distances between each point (point of interest) and the other is not large.

But this idea may be excellent and came in favor of the game, where it provided the element of indulgence and made the game world more value because it includes places to explore,
The content of the story and the individual mode has become more massive and you will always feel that you need to explore this world before you complete the basic missions.

Side missions will also reward you with equipment that allows you to improve Jack's performance, but who is Jack? Let us pause for a bit because it is the station that separates the linear gameplay of the old parts from the current part with many RPG elements,
It is a " Drone "developed by the famous character " Baird " and its usefulness during the adventure is divided into two parts, the " Passive " slit, which consists of a set of abilities intended to weaken the enemy or provide you with certain abilities such as disappearance for a period of time or a temporary shield, The second is the " Abilities ", and here Jack will be more aggressive because he will be able to attack and use hit-and-run tactics.

Let's talk about Jack's first features, adding a variety of gameplay that reminded me a lot of games like
" BioShock Infinite " Instead of aiming at the old parts, which only depends on taking the curtain out of it as you try to hit the enemy , here are other options to change the style of your game, where you can play in the style of offside! This is a precedent in the series.

The second advantage is Jack's artificial intelligence, which was interactive and consistent with your actions and commands, and that applies to the artificial intelligence of the enemies.

There are also many other new features like Headshot that have become easier to implement. You don't have to use a particular weapon because all the weapons can be pointed at the head to score Headshot ,On the other hand, you will feel good with the accompanying sound and bloody effect. The vehicle you were traveling on was excellent with its mechanism of use , You will feel like skiing with a smooth ride that will make you want to tour the whole world tirelessly.

But on the other hand there are flaws in the style of play that have affected the experience, such as the level of difficulty. The medium difficulty will feel that the game is very easy and will not face any obstacles that force you to use Jack as desired, It will play linearly like the old parts. Jack's benefit only appears in high difficulty levels, which in turn suffer from being too hard to feel unfair.

Another disadvantage is that the places of exploration are untapped, because they are wreckage and destruction will not arouse your curiosity, especially in the third chapter of the story, new weapons were also very few.

The cooperative and competitive mode:

The Gears of War series is one of the oldest series that are very popular all over the world, but the basis of the success of this series was not the story mode, but the cooperative phase and collective competitive phases,
It is the only game from the third perspective that offers huge group content that brings you to an addictive stage. The fifth part has taken a must-have step that has brought many benefits in terms of content.
It fits all categories of players, whether veteran or new fans.

The Horde mode :

The first powerful feature in Horde mode is that you will enjoy 60 frames per second even if you are playing on a regular Xbox One.
There are also many new things that have been added such as the special abilities of the characters, where there are 9 characters for each team and each character has its own abilities to complement each other.
Not much has changed in the infrastructure as you will try to survive in 50 rounds of confrontation with Swarm's armies and bosses also after every 10 rounds, but this time the leaders have become more difficult and aggressive with 11 completely different maps in eco-design.

Competitive Versus mode :

This phase witnesses the return of Arms Race in which you eliminate members of the opponent's team using one weapon that changes in a specific order.
This was one of the most long hours I spent, as well as other distinctive phases known in the series such as " King of the Hill "or "Team Deathmatch".

There is a whole new phase on the series dedicated to playing without any competition is Arcade, and this phase is different from other stages dedicated to the world championships and competitions, where you have equipment and you can choose a character from the 9 and each one has its own capabilities and equipment. Also, the more points you earn, the more weapons you can buy for a single role, reminiscent of the Arena in Halo.

Escape mode :

Gears 5 promised us a whole new collaborative phase of escape, was it worth the wait? You will play in this phase with a team of 3 players, where you choose your favorite character and you and your colleagues escape through a range of rooms to reach the exit gate using only the scarce resources consisting of some shots with a very weak weapon, 

This requires cooperation and understanding between the players, where each playable character in this phase has the distinctive ability that determines its role in the team such as the Hord phase but with a different game play,

Here you have to escape and keep as many shots as possible and not face everyone you see , This mode will receive new maps weekly with the possibility of designing and changing your own map, and you can share it so that other players can try it.

Graphics and sounds :

The game is very technically beautiful with great attention to all the details of the environment, and you will find yourself in areas with a cyberpunk-like atmosphere in terms of factories and modern technologies, there is also a desert and snowy environment , Both have amazing details, for example you can break the ice from underneath the enemies in the snowy environment to drown them, adding depth and dimension to the gameplay.

As for the desert environment, the atmosphere reminded me a lot of Mad Max, but I was hoping to drive another vehicle that I was driving in the snowy environment.
In addition to the impressive technical level, the game was fixed all the time at 60 fps without any glitches, Interest in sound effects was prominent and excellent soundtracks were well matched to some of the tasks in the story, but that doesn't mean the game is flawless.

There were some technical errors that I encountered and were a key factor in sabotaging some of the side tasks that I have sealed, such as a bug that prevented me from driving the Skiff, and another that made me without a weapon in a very difficult confrontation and even not back to the last point of keeping a solution.


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