Joker 2019 movie review


From the very beginning we heared that a special movie will be shown for the famous Joker character or (Arthur Flick).
The name that many of us do not know where the film revolves around Arthur and many aspects of his life and the deep problems and pressures he faced throughout his life to show us later the character of the iconic Joker

Of course immediately we will remember the role of the Joker 
who played the great actor (Heath Ledger) in the film Dark Knight
In 2008, he was directed by the distinguished director and genius Christopher Nolan
The role played by critics and readers of both storyboards, knowing that the new Joker movie is starring great actor (Joaquin Phoenix)

Will his performance exceed that of his colleague Heath Ledger?
At first we have to admit that Joaquin Phoenix
An amazing performance is worthy of the Oscar nomination in this film, which is extremely profound that we can classify among masterpieces of films that focus on personal study without the need for DC storytelling graphics

The film succeeded in making the viewer feel confused, confused and ready to argue about the film for years to come.
Todd Phillips' Joker film draws on his style and spirit from 1990s movies like Taxi driver And the king of comedy and others,
It offers Gotham as if it was a replacement for New York's infernal city during that period , It was at a time when widespread crime, corruption and economic crises were so named
"City of Fear".

Gotham is a place for a sleepy, very uneven wealth distribution and lawlessness, bringing her to the brink of collapse at any moment.
This makes this imaginary place feel over real, but also the story around it is what makes it realistic, convincing and suitable for this time, and deserves to be talked about for long periods after it is displayed.

The Joker Time Film window (which takes place in about 1981) not only allows him to be a copy of the storyline of classic films in either Scorsese or Sydney Lumet style, but also defies him from the modern technology we know today which in turn can help hold such a madman.
We had a bad time when people were smoking almost everywhere (even in hospitals) and these security cameras and metal detectors were not everywhere and no one put the seat belts while driving.

The situation was bad, but it may get worse.
Joker's character forms a match that may ignite latent dynamite.
Joaquin Phoenix plays a remarkable and interestingly stressful role as patient Arthur Flick, living a life full of conflict on the margins of society

Arthur is a man who never lived a happy day or took a break from tragedy throughout his life, where Arthur embraces the character of the jockeys and finds his strength and freedom
The Joker is the final result of this corrupt, comfortable society with its usual brutality and lack of emotions
This society has just created the beast it deserves.


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