Let's get to know the new Disney and Sony agreement

Spider-Man Vs DeadPool
Spider-Man Vs DeadPool

During the past period we have seen the crisis between Sony and Disney / Marvel over Spider-man, which led to the separation of personality from the fact that Marvel cinema and his return to the world of Sony.

Both companies disagreed on the rate set after Sony stuck to the previous agreements - Disney only received 5% of the Spider-man movies, but this was not what Disney did at all. In producing 50/50 Spider-man movies and getting the same earnings as well, but that's not what Sony has ever agreed to.

Spider-Man Vs DeadPool

But just a while ago Spider-Man returns to Marvel's film world and the happiness of both sides, but no details of the new deal, which began on Thursday evening, have been revealed.

Top players from all companies were present, with " Thomas Rothman ", president of Sony Studios and " Kevin Fig ", director of Marvel Cinemas, and " Alan Horn ", co-president of Walt Disney Studios and " Alan Bergman ". 

After several negotiations between the third parties, it was decided that Disney and Marvel would be involved in 25% of the production of Spider-Man's own films and would be able to earn the same percentage of film profits after the success of  Spider-Man: Far from Home, whose revenues exceeded one billion dollars.

As part of the agreement, Spiderman will return to the " Marvel Cinematic Universe " and Marvel will be able to present it in her own films in the coming period and perhaps again in the fifth phase of the world.


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