Mulan ( 2020 Movie )


 Who among us does not remember the
 beautiful mulan ; the wonderful Disney film that released in 1998.

That brave girl who decided to join to the Chinese army instead of her old father who could not go, disguised as a man and joined the army to defend
About China from the mortar invasion.

Accompanied by her epic adventure, her personal spiritual guard, a legendary small dragon called "Mushu"
We remember him with his novelty and the voice of his comedian (Eddie Murphy) and also accompanied by cockroach, 
and in this journey many exciting events happen.

It seems that Disney wants to remind us of this outstanding technical work, as the company has
started since 2010 to prepare a live action version of Hua Mulan.

The film is dramatic and epic tells the period of the American War, and the film is coming in 2020.

Based on the story of the Chinese legend of  " Hua mulan " and Disney's ; Mulan (1998)
But with some modification and change in some events, it seems.

The film is starring;

Yifei Liu  as ( Mulan )
Donnie Yen  as ( Commander Tung )
Jet Li  as ( The Emperor )

Li Gong  as ( Xian Lang  )
Jason Scott Lee  as ( Bori Khan )
Yoson An  as ( Chen Honghui  )

The film is directed by the director; Niki Caro

Screenplay by ; Rick Jaffa , and Amanda Silver also Elizabeth Martin and Lauren Hynek .
The film is scheduled to be released on  27 March 2020 .


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