Rockstar Games Launcher causes problems in GTA 5

Rockstar Games Launcher causes problems in GTA 5

A few days ago Rockstar launched its own PC platform called " Rockstar Games Launcher " ,
It is only for company games like " GTA ",  " LA Noire " and maybe " RDR2 " in the future! But while using them players faced some problems in the game GTA 5 !

Rockstar received complaints from players facing problems with GTA 5 through their Rockstar Games Launcher platform ,

Rockstar Games Launcher causes problems in GTA 5

These problems were the disruption of
 the story mode within the game! Accordingly, the company acknowledged through an official statement on its website that there is indeed an unintentional technical error that made the game revert to an old update that disrupted the development of the story.

The company reported that they are working on a solution for this problem as soon as possible , and then they gave the players some advice and guidance as a temporary solution to the problem is by updating the platform Rockstar Games Launcher to the latest update and then the player must log in to that platform to update the game GTA 5 to another Update ,

Finally, the player must play the game through the platform in the presence of an Internet connection.

Rockstar asserts that if the player applies these steps, he will be able to reach the story mode in GTA 5 without any problems .


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