The developer of Death Stranding demonstrates remarks to create a new style of games

Death Stranding
Death Stranding

The developer of " Death Stranding " illustrates his earlier statements about creating a new style of games

Kojima has already said he wants to create a new style of games that starts with Death Stranding and continues with new parts.

But now he has returned with new statements in which he wanted to clarify his intentions of the old ones, and apparently did not intend to declare the creation of a new type of games literally.

The developer also explained that Social Strand System is not literally the title of a new style but rather the name best suited to express the new experience that the game will offer, and the innovator has chosen to promote the game in this way because they think it is the most appropriate and fairest right instead of answering questions centered on similarity with open world games And stealth.

He says that there are those who see similarities between Death Stranding and other games and put questions on the subject, but his answer is simply that he doesn't play a lot of contemporary games because of his preoccupation. Our.

The game is scheduled for release on November 8 for the PS4.


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