The Voyage Of Doctor Dolittle

The upcoming film in 2020 is Fantasia and
Comedy and adventure family movie.

The film's events are about Dr. John Dolittle, who finds that he has the power to speak, understand, and deal with animals.
The film's events are part of a comedy full of adventure and fun.

The film features a collection of the most famous stars;

Robert Downey Jr as ( Dr. John Dolittle)
Tom Holland as  (Jip "voice" )
Rami Malek as ( Chee-Chee "voice")

Emma Thompson as ( Polynesia "voice")
Michael Sheen as (Mudfly )
Ralph Fiennes as (Barry "voice")

Jessie Buckley as (Queen Victoria )
Kumail Nanjiani as (Plimpton "voice" )
Antonio Banderas as ( Rassouli)

Marion Cotillard as (Tutu " voice" )
Selena Gomez as ( Betsy " voice" )
Octavia Spencer as ( Dab-Dab " voice")

Carmen Ejogo as ( Regine " voice")
John Cena as ( Yoshi " voice")
Ralph Ineson as ( Arnall Stubbins)

The film is directed and written by; Stephen Gaghan

The film is supposed to be released in January 2020.


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