" WandaVision " The TV Series

Marvel seems to be preparing some of its
 biggest business in the next few years as part of its plan, which was called  " phase 4 " .

Marvel’s San Diego Comic-Con 2019
 presentation was chock-full of exciting information about the MCU’s upcoming Phase Four, and among the many shows and movies scheduled for release in the coming years is a Disney+ television series starring  : " Elizabeth Olsen "
   as Scarlet Witch  and " Paul Bettany " as Vision.

 ( WandaVision ) will somehow reunite the couple, who never really got enough screen time in previous MCU movies before Thanos tore them apart.
 The series is expected to explore their relationship far more than any movie has so far, but beyond that we know practically nothing. 
But what we're sure

 Ment that the series will be starring the same heroes :

Elizabeth Olsen as ( Scarlet Witch /  Wanda Maximoff )
Paul Bettany  as ( Vision )
Kat Dennings as ( Darcy Lewis )

Randall Park as ( Jimmy Woo )
Teyonah Parris  as ( Monica Rambeau )
Wyatt Russell  as ( John Walker )
Emily VanCamp  as ( Sharon Carter  )

The series will be 6 episodes and will be released in 2021 .


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