With XBOX SCARLET and PLAYSTATION 5 approaching, is it better to buy a new PC or wait

With XBOX SCARLETT and PLAYSTATION 5 approaching, is it better to buy a new PC or wait

With the launch of the new" Xbox Scarlet" and " Playstation 5 ", some people may be puzzled (especially those who want a gaming console and only) whether it is better to buy a new desktop computer with strong technical specifications or wait for the release of these new platforms, which can provide a lot of performance at a price Cheaper and more features ?

With XBOX SCARLETT and PLAYSTATION 5 approaching, is it better to buy a new PC or wait

Many of us now see the tremendous and rapid technological advances in the gaming world from various aspects ,
The new AMD processors from the revolutionary Ryzen architecture sweep the scene with its great performance, distinctive technologies and affordable price thanks to the company's wide range of processors ,

On the other hand, we see Nvidia also excels in the world of graphics cards with RX 2000 cards and ray tracing technology, which began to spread in the world of games like wildfire.

With XBOX SCARLETT and PLAYSTATION 5 approaching, is it better to buy a new PC or wait

A lot of power and a lot of options available , Which are salivating from their magnificence ...
 But my dear why rush ?
Do not swim away with your dreams before you look at the most important and always important factor of price. From the economic point of view, creating a powerful computer for gaming now is very expensive compared to the previous ,

Especially if you are a fan of power and excellence and want to see what the offer of high resolutions such as 4K or even 8K expected.

Let's make a simple calculation here to see how much it will cost us a desktop computer that can play games at high resolutions such as 4K or 8K so far and then see if this computer will be the best deal for you or it is better to wait for home platforms coming from Sony or Microsoft.

With XBOX SCARLETT and PLAYSTATION 5 approaching, is it better to buy a new PC or wait

The upcoming Xbox Scarlet and Playstation 5 platform specifications ;

The leaks of the Xbox Scarlet and Playstation 5 put us in front of a hardware power that is not trivial at all ,
It is not the same as this time, we can not say that these platforms have medium graphics cards as was the case when the launch of the current generation of home platforms….

For example, the Xbox platform will come with a central processor from the " Zen 2 " architecture that comes with the Ryzen 3000 eight-core processor and frequencies 
are likely not less than 3.4-3.5Ghz to avoid any performance problems.

The other thing is the graphics processor, which will support ray tracing and will also be manufactured by AMD " Phil Spencer " stated that it will contain nuclei dedicated to the technology of ray tracing, which means a strong performance even with the activation of the technology.

The RAM in the platform will certainly not be less than 16GB and GDDR6 type as leaked by some in addition to Hardisk SSD to reduce the load time for games ,

As for the expected performance or to move the target that the designers want to reach it is 120 frames per second , with a resolution of 8K and 4K display so we need similar technical specifications on the PC can be summarized in the following :

The Ryzen 3700X and the Ryzen 3800X are at the very least, currently worth 350$ on average ,
16GB DDR4 RAM and at least 3000MHZ, or about 80$.
Or GTX2080 Super / ti , which is worth another 700$ if you are lucky….

A motherboard compatible with this platform in the range of 150Hardisk type SSD at the very least, [ 50-100 ]$ more, in addition to a suitable bag and power supply with some fans for cooling and also a heat sink in the range of 200-250 dollars as well .

So what is the result ?
The total output of all this is close to
2,000$ and we do not yet know how the actual performance of the next home platforms will be , If the two companies' expectations and goals are met in the 4-8K resolution and 120 frame rate, it may mean that we will need a stronger platform than the ones we mentioned at least in terms of the graphics card, which may mean a higher cost or even the same cost. Assuming that some of the other pieces might be less expensive…

On the other hand, the desktop comes with the ability to update and develop continuously and also provides a pleasant gaming experience for some and better control (until further notice) thanks to the mouse and keyboard ,
Along with other functions provided by the computer to the user… But let's not forget the important thing is that we are talking about those who want a gaming device, whatever the name. Here we will stop mentioning the many other advantages of the computer and content with those that are closely related to the games are the possibility of continuous development and better control .

So if you want a platform to play and play only , I think you better to wait a little may change your mind and go to new home platforms that I do not think in fact it will reach 2000$….
This is in addition to exclusive games that you may not find most of the computer… So it is better to wait until the next generation of home platforms is released and then judge and make the decision (and also save more money) right ?


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