Xiaomi unveils MI Mix Alpha, the world's first phone with a screen covering all sides

Xiaomi unveils MI Mix Alpha
Xiaomi unveils MI Mix Alpha

announced today, all of a sudden to all its new phone " MI Mix Alpha " the first phone in the world with a screen covering the front of the phone, back and even sides to be like a phone wrapped screen.

The new phone as it appears before you in the pictures is covered by the screen from all directions except a part of the back of the phone where there is a tape along the rear camera, which is available basic lens camera 108-megapixel.

As for the side bezels, the phone comes with curved side bezels from the top and bottom and the battery indicator, the network and the rest of the notifications are also dispensed with the volume buttons and replaced with a part of the other edge of the screen dedicated
Controls the volume according to the intensity of pressure.

Xiaomi unveils MI Mix Alpha

Apart from this extraordinary design, Xiaomi has equipped the phone with a new " Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ " processor with 12GB of RAM and 512GB of internal storage.

Xiaomi unveils MI Mix Alpha

The phone is also powered by a 40W fast charge for the 4050mAh battery. This small capacity compared to the screen area confirms that Xiaomi does not seek to be the use of the screen from all sides at all times.

Unfortunately, this phone will not be available globally as the Chinese company announced that it is planned to launch a limited number of MI Mix Alpha at a starting price of 19,999 yuan, equivalent to 2800 dollars, more expensive than another phone available in the market and more expensive than folding phones.


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