Box Office: The Joker Movie Breaks October Records

The Joker Movies

After a huge controversy in Joker during the last period between supporters and opponents of the film, it was able during its opening to achieve an estimated  93.5 million dollars in the United States and topped the US box office this week, making the film the biggest release in October Ongoing.

Joker, which comes to us from director 
" Todd Phillips ", managed to set the record for October, which was set by " Venom " last year, with an opening of 80 million dollars. 
Outside the United States, the film grossed over 140 million dollars, bringing the total to 234 million  dollars during the film's opening.

With this strong opening, Joker secured him the sixth place in DC's most editorials, and here is the ranking of those films and the revenue he earned in the editorial :

1. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)
Opening Weekend: 166,007,342 dollars. 

Suicide Squad (2016) Opening Weekend: 133,682,2483 dollars.
 Man of Steel (2013)Opening Weekend: 116,619,3624 dollars.

Wonder Woman (2017)Opening Weekend: 103,251,4715 dollars.
 Justice League (2017)Opening Weekend: 93,842,2396 dollars.

 Joker (2019) Opening Weekend: 93,500,0007 dollars.
 Aquaman (2018) Opening Weekend:67,900,0008 dollars.

 Shazam! (2019)Opening Weekend: 53,505,326 dollars.
The Film Released The American Box Office This Week .

As I mentioned, the film was able to top the list of American box office this week, after the film grossed  93.5 million dollars this week ,

As for the rank, the animated film has fallen "Abominable" fell to second place this week, earning 12 million dollars in the United States, bringing the film to  37 million dollars.

The same is true for the third-placed owner, who fell from second place after falling 44% from last week's sales, which reached 8 million dollars this week.

The Joker Movies

1- Joker $93,500,000

2- Abominable $12,000,0003. 

3- Downton Abbey $8,000,0004.

4- Hustlers $6,300,0005.

5- IT :Chapter Two $5,355,0006.

6- Ad Astra $4,557,0007. 

7-Judy $4,445,6358.

8- Rambo: Last Blood $3,550,0009.

9- War $1,581,00010. 

10- Good Boys $900,000.


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