"El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie" : review

"El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie"
El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

This is a not spoiling review of "El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie ", and if there is a very light burn in one of the clips it is clearly indicated for those who want to watch the movie without any burning at all. However, it should be noted that the review contains some burning of the series.

When I first heard about a movie to be released 6 years after the end of Breaking Bad, I asked myself, Is it necessary ?,
Is it what we need? But do we need it at all?
I was even worried that it would ruin the perfect end of the iconic series, but I can assure you that the film does not touch the brilliant end, but adds two additional days after which it makes us see how "Jesse" ended up.

Anyone wondering what the film offers to the world of Breaking Bad, I will answer you briefly, it answers the question: What happened to Jessie after the end of the series? Did he ever get the justice he deserved after all he suffered?
The series allowed Walter to have a complete end, while Jesse's story ended somewhat pending. But those who entered the movie in the hope of seeing anything about Walter or his family and what happened to them may be disappointed, as you will not see anything here. This is how I felt at first glance because I was so eager to see what happened to his family, but after the film ended and it set off quietly in my mind, and thought of it as a movie to answer the fans about the unknown fate of Jesse, I felt it was the perfect addition to the iconic series.

The film focuses entirely on Jesse who appears in every shot, and he succeeds in filling some of the gaps of the series when the focus was entirely on Walter as it neared its end without revealing much about the journey of torment Jesse in captivity, here relies on flashback shots where we see many details We missed, but there are some flashback moments of burning tension because our knowledge of the events that Jesse experienced in the series alleviated her to know how we ended up then.
However, this does not alleviate the good pace of the film, as the flashback has also been used as a way to bring back some of Jessie's beloved characters (a very light burn next) (no hope of seeing anything from Walter's world at all), from a shot with Mike to a skinny house Badger, who everyone expected to see in the film, as well as a quick shot with Jain, and finally Walter with a brief, short scene was the most wonderful for me in the film (I would have liked to see more between Jesse and Walter as I hoped to learn more about what happened to his family and wife, but this did not prevent the film from continuing At a good pace). Surprisingly, however, Seoul did not appear at all because I was expecting him, even with a short scene. (The spoiler part of the film is over )

"El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie"

In terms of performance, Aaron Paul starred in his turn, drawing his career and placing him among the stars. Jesse came back but without his famous phrase (Bitch) which we clearly notice is completely missing from the film which made me feel a little different character, Jesse returned as a person with PTSD, it's not a fugitive story but a story of someone who is stuck, not only physically but Inside his mind too. We feel quite the weight of the suffering he has experienced and its impact on his mental and mental state.

All the cast of other actors who have appeared as we entrusted them to the series also shines. But there is a negative that I can only comment on. The film came six years after the end of the series, and these years have left their mark on the external forms of the actors, where we see some of them older or more weight, and with an era in which we see films based on age reduction technology such as ((Gemini Man)) , the film could benefit from it to look more realistic Its time period. But this is a small problem that we can forget when we indulge more with the film.

"El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie"

El Camino is written and directed by Vince Gilligan (who initially thought of making it as a short film to mark the tenth anniversary of the series), and this is mainly because the film maintains the same pace, spirit and splendor as the series, but at the same time makes it appear closer to A TV episode that is more of a film than an independent film,

Although Gilligan said in one of the interviews that I saw that the movie could be watched independently and the followers should not watch Breaking Bad first to enjoy it, I do not think that people who did not follow the series with 62 episodes and related to the character of Jesse will find a lot of fun in it.

Review summary of the film :
El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie gives Jesse Pinkman the finale he deserves without affecting the perfect finale of the iconic series. Although it doesn't highlight all of the larger Breaking Bad universe, which some might be disappointed,

But he fills some of the blanks in the story of Jesse from the end of the series, giving us greater insight into his suffering and the journey of his transformation using a lot of flashback shots and a brief appearance of many of the beloved stars of the series.
Combining the remarkable performance of Aaron Paul, who is arguably the best in his career, with Gilligan's outstanding story and director, it is arguably the perfect gift for fans of the series in general and Jesse in particular.


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