Check out the top games to be released in October 2019

Check out the top games to be released in October 2019

The approaching month of October, which is only a few days away, and with the fall of autumn leaves .. We will show you the most important games expected in this month full of new and expected titles :

Destiny Shadowkeep
 Destiny Shadowkeep 

In early October, especially on October 1, we will be coming to the fourth extension of the online shooter Destiny from the

" Bungie " development team ,
Shadowkeep expansion will return game players to the known Moon Zone of Destiny 1, but this time the map will be twice the size of the first time, as well as more new weapons and armor coming to the game.

The game will be available for the platforms : Xbox One , PS4 abd PC .

Ghost recon breakpoint
Ghost recon breakpoint 

On October 4 comes the new part of
" Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon " series , Ghost Recon Breakpoint , an open world game under the Shooting Games category. On the fantasy island of "Auroa",
located in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, where we will play the story of Lieutenant Colonel Anthony, which was sent with
" the ghost unit
They are a special operations unit of the US Army, to explore the island, which is a stronghold of the research company “Skell Tech”, which produces advanced war machines and reconnaissance machines " Drones ", to surprise the fall of the island under the control of a splintered US military unit called wolves, and hence your adventure to survive and survive on the island .

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is the 11th part of the Tom Clancy series .

Developed by " Ubisoft Paris ", and published by Ubisoft, the previous part of "Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands " has been very successful when it was released in 2017 and until now.
The game also won the Best PC Game Award at Gamescom 2019.

The game will be available on the platforms: Xbox One , PS4 , also PC .

John wick Hex
 John wick Hex

" John Wick Hex " is a strategy action game, developed by the " Bithell Games " team in collaboration with the production company Lionsgate , and " Good Shepherd Entertainment " will be in the process of publishing the game, coming to us on October 8.

You will take the role of " John Wick " in the story, allow players to unlock more weapons, areas and costumes for the main character, and you'll have to search for resources and use ammunition very carefully because of their rarity within the game.

The game will be available through the
" Epic Store " for " Microsoft Windows and macOS ".

Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince
 Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince

On October 8th, the fourth edition of the Trine series, developed by " Frozenbyte " in partnership with " Modus Games " , will complete the previous parts, taking us on a journey with the three known heroes of the game, " Pontius ",
And the magician " Amadeus " and the
thief " Zoya " As we know each character features and its own style of play so that you can cross the stage you must turn your mind in using the features of the three characters by making them cooperate together. Our three heroes will have to find the lost prince " Selius "to save the kingdom from the dreaded creatures.
And the game will be released on Xbox One and PS4 , PC , also Switch platforms .

Concrete Genie
Concrete Genie

And of course we will not forget that on the eighth day of October we will have an appointment with Sony's new exclusive game of story games and adventures Concrete Genie
The game, which won the admiration of critics who tried it, and won the Best Family Game Award at " Gamescom 2019" in front of " Dreams " and " Luigi’s Mansion 3 ".

Concrete Genie will take you on a journey to a small town that has become largely uninhabited ,
The hero of the game is a little boy named " Ash " who will go on a fantastic journey in an attempt to search for the pages of his torn notebook caused by a group of bullying children when they assaulted and robbed him, and in this journey will discover Ash wonderful magic color brush ;
As they bring his drawings back to life, the child will have to overcome bullying and bring life back to the city through his drawings and colors .

The game will be released exclusively for the PS4 platform .

Frostpunk: Console Edition
Frostpunk: Console Edition

Frostpunk game offers us a hearty strategic experience as well as a psychological experience of high status ;
The game will put you in many traumatic and tragic situations in which you must make a decisive and shocking decision which will affect the player psychologically .

Frostpunk's story revolves around a natural event that has led to insanely low temperatures around the world and frost entering the globe. Because of this frost, civilizations are crumbling and humankind is dead. Only a few groups have found a coal-fired reactor. On earth around this reactor.

The game was first released on PCs in 2018 and now the game will finally be released for home devices : Xbox One and PS4.


If you're a fan of racing games, date with the fourth part of the Grid racing game on October 11th .

The " GRID " game was first released in 2008 by Codemasters, and has won the admiration of many players .. And released several parts complementary, and the fourth part, which will be released on the eleventh of October is considered Reboot for the series in the name of GRID only,
The game is the fourth part of the Grid series and is the 11th part of the TOCA series.

In this section you will focus on the
" Nemesis " system where artificial intelligence will become offensive and try to overthrow you.

And will be released on: Xbox One - PS4 - PC

Children of Morta
 Children of Morta

" Children of Morta " was first released on PC on September 3 and will be released on all home appliances on October 15.

The game is a fantasy class of Hack and Slash and Action RPG, developed by the independent studio " Dead Mage " .

The events take place in the fictional territory of " Rea ", where the fascinating and sacred mountain of Morta is located by the villagers. They regarded it as a symbol of life, even one day the mountain suddenly took over a dark force that spread destruction and corruption in the area.
The mountain has been guarded by an ancient and powerful family for generations and their mission is to eliminate the forces and protect the mountain and the region from monsters.

The story focuses more on the characters of the game; each character has its own story.

The game will be released for the rest of the home appliances : Xbox One , PS4 and Switch .

Overwatch Legendary Edition
 Overwatch Legendary Edition 

Overwatch was released three years ago on all devices except " Switch ", but it seems that Swish players will finally join the collective warfare within Overwatch on October 15.

The game has won many prizes since its release, and " Blizzard " has not stopped supporting it since the first day to date ;

It has continuously acquired new maps and characters and has become one of the most popular e-sports competitions in the gaming industry in recent years.

The legendary version of Overwatch will provide all the improvements, characters and everything that has been released since the first day.

The game is coming for Switch .

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Complete Edition for Switch
 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Complete Edition for Switch

Who does not know the legendary and informative RPG game " The Witcher 3 ", which contained a huge world of both fictional content and legendary and wonderful characters, or where the world contains maps of large cities full of vitality.

The game was released four years ago on all devices except Switch, even a few months ago it was announced the version of " The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt " for
" Nintendo Switch "devices, which will be released on October 15, and of course the news was surprising ,

The game is already huge and because of that it contained some technical problems on the current home devices of PS4 and Xbox one .. And this makes us wonder; how will work on the Switch ?!

In general, this game is a great experience, rich in beautiful and amazing stories, and is an opportunity for fans of RPG games owners of Switch to try it.

WWE 2K20
 WWE 2K20

" WWE 2K20 " The new part of the famous WWE wrestling game is coming on October 22, where players will be able to experience the life of wrestling star " Roman Reigns " with the titleThe big dog” through 2k Towers mode. In one of the many towers

Each contains a unique set of “Gauntlet Matches” that will see diverse challenges and player modifications.

2k towers: Roman Reigns will also watch a number of wrestlers Roman Reigns during his early days at WWE until being a member of The Shield ,

He will also witness the moments of his historic struggles in front of " Brock Lesnar ", " John Cena " and " Undertaker", as well as during the ignition of the arena during the completion of the 16 chapters up to the top of the tower for the championship wrestling ;

It will allow him to experience major seasons on Reines' spectacular journey through WWE history. For the first time, the game will offer us the storyline of the
" Four Horsewomen " wrestling women.

The game is coming for platforms : Xbox One , PS4 , and PC .

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

For fans of shooting games and war, set the calendar on October 25, where we will have an appointment with the game of shooting and action warfare awaited 
" Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare "
 the new part of the series that will return us to its roots, and will provide us with a distinctive story this year .. With a return to our characters Beloved like " Captain Bryce " and the characters of the warfare team.

For the first time, the game will support cross-platform play, and you will be able to complete the story either by single or team play.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare is coming on : Xbox One , PS4 , and PC .

MediEvil Remake
 MediEvil Remake

Of course October is the month when the West celebrates Halloween, and the month focuses on horrifying acts and sometimes on works that carry the spirit of horrifying characters, but in a comic context like our game .

MediEvil remake is a reproduction of PlayStation 1's exclusive 1998, a platforming game that can fight with swords and daggers and use shields to repel .

The game takes place in the Middle Ages within the Kingdom of Jalomir, where it will take the role of the hero of the game, Sir "Daniel Fortesk", which was revived again after his death in the war; to save the Kingdom of Jalomir after it was invaded by an evil magician named "Zarok" by his army of The dead.

As noted, the designs and graphics of the game is very influenced by the drawings of the films of the famous director and writer " Tim Burton ", especially the film
" The Nightmare Before Christmas ".

It has also seen significant improvements in graphics and technology, so that the player can repeat the experience with higher quality than before and up to 4K quality on the PS4 pro.

Our appointment with the game on October 25 for the PS4 .

The Outer Worlds
 The Outer Worlds

On October 25, the Obsidian Entertainment development team will present us with a new RPG experience with their game The Outer Worlds .

The " Obsidian " team is known for its distinctive games like " Fallout New Vegas " , " Pillars of Eternity " and others ,

He will present us with a new experience of RPG games whose storyline will be the parallel world of 1901; in that world, US President " William McKinley " was not assassinated, leading to a difference in political events 

President " Theodore Roosevelt " has not succeeded him, which will change the shape of America and the world at large, so that America will open up its trade to the ends of the vast space, which will allow travel to other planets.

As with some RPGs, there will be many choices for players, making everyone's experience different.

The game is coming for: Xbox One , PS4 and PC .

Close to the Sun
 Close to the Sun

As we said that October is Halloween, and on this occasion, there is a terrifying experience coming for homeowners; in late October, especially on October 29, Close to The Sun will be released on home appliances .

Close to The sun, developed by "Storm in a Tea Cup ", was first released as a temporary exclusive to the PC in the summer of 2019, a terrifying experience 

The game takes place in 1897 on an isolated ship in the middle of the ocean, where you will take the role of a journalist looking for her little sister missing on board that ship and you must reach the truth in the dark and horrible atmosphere.

The game will be released on: Xbox One , PS4 , and Switch .

Resident Evil Triple Pack for Switch
 Resident Evil Triple Pack for Switch

As the month of horror, it is time for Switch owners on October 29 to try the three consecutive parts of Resident Evil, starting with Part 4, followed by V and then Six, with a single " Resident Evil Triple Pack ".

Of course the series doesn't need to be defined 
The story and the horrible atmosphere and also some action .

Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and the Lion King
Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and the Lion King

In October, we will also have an appointment with Nostalgia to bring back memories of Disney's classic remastered games like " Aladdin " and " the Lion King " together in one enhanced version of all home appliances.

It is coming on October 29 for: Xbox One , PS4 , PC and Switch .

Luigi’s Mansion 3
 Luigi’s Mansion 3

We conclude October with the next Luigi’s Mansion 3 on Switch only.

The previous two parts of the series have been very successful, and in this part Luigi returns to us with a new adventure where he faces ghosts inside a giant multi-storey hotel, each floor has a different environment .. In addition to having a character to help which will be of great help to you during the game.

The game is developed by Next Level Games and will bring us the phases of group and collaborative gameplay with one of the most powerful switches of the year.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 will come as exclusive to Switch on October 31.


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