Do you know Ms.Marvel ? She is Marvel 's Muslim teen heroine

Ms. Marvel
Ms. Marvel

"Kamala Khan" , a Pakistani-American teenager from Jersey City, 
The daughter of "Yusuf Khan" and "Munibah Khan". 
Her parents and older brother "Aamir Khan" moved to the United States from Karachi, Pakistan 

 In kindergarten, Kamala met with " Nkia Bahadir ", who became Kamala's best friend. Like Kamala, she was a Muslim and daughter of immigrants. 

Kamala has a changing abilities,
And she later discovers that she has inhumane genes, following" Inhumans' " story.
And Kamala takes her role as "Carol Danvers" after Danvers becomes "Captain Marvel".
Kamala is one of the first Muslim heroes created by Marvel and annexed to her world.

Marvel's announcement that a Muslim character at the top of Comics's book was met with widespread reaction, and the first part of "Ms. Marvel" received the "Hugo" Award for Best Picture Story in 2015.

Creation : 


Kamala Khan was created by " Kelly Sue DeConnick" and "Scott Hepburn "and first appeared
 (in a veil) in Captain Marvel Vol.4 No. 14 (2013) before appearing fully in version 17 of the same series.
She first appeared as a new Ms Marvel in the world of Marvel !
So before receiving her own series ,
Kamala Khan became a successful story by all accounts, being an American Muslim girl who was portrayed in a good and positive way .

Kamala is the youngest daughter of two children from a traditional Pakistani family in New Jersey.
Although she is of Pakistani origin,
 Kamala was a typical American teenager in every sense of the word.

For many years, Kamala has been a fan of superheroes and especially the 
" Avengers ", most importantly of all " Carol Danvers " in particular. Much, in fact, Kamala began writing online fan novels about Avengers and Captain Marvel. So go beyond joining "the Carol Danvers Corps online".

The main story : 

The story began when Kamala went to a high school party , and she decided to fit in with the "Ordinary crowd" which Kamala realized was not suitable for her ,

She left the party suddenly and on her way home she was surrounded by the" Terrigen Mists " that were released during Infinity to reveal that Kamala was a descendant of the " Inhumans" . 
Encased in a cocoon, and her Inhumans powers developed ,

Kamala was put in a dream closer to a state where asked her an avatar of Captain Marvel :
 "Who do you want to be"? 

Kamala replied: "I want to be you".

When she said that, the cocoon exploded to get Kamala out of it and she looked exactly like Carol (Captain Marvel ) in her old black costume.
After a short-lived panic, Kamala realized that she had acquired the shifting powers. She was able to change her appearance or parts of her body by will.

She eventually returned to her own appearance, got the all-new Marvel identity and gave herself the nickname "Ms Marvel ", and had the intention of being a superhero just like Carol .

Meeting Spider-Man 

Kamala intercepted " Dr. Minerva "when she was trying to kidnap a new inhumane Nohman,
This was the first time she has met with Spider-Man. 
The two will go away with Dr. Minerva and discover that she was able to change her powers from the original Ms. Marvel, Carol Danvers, and can now turn into a giant monster.

It was also the first time that Kamala faced anything horrific and scary like this , and with the help of Spider-man Kamala defeated Dr. Minerva, saving Nohman which later turned out to be a child and even got some praise from Spider-man himself.

Kamala Powers and Abilities : 

Ms. Marvel

Although Kamala has the same nickname for superheroes as Danvers once had, its strength is unlike the blonde bomb. Kamala possesses strong polymorphism after being exposed to Terrigen mist . This gives her the ability to stretch her body in almost everything imaginable, Kamala can also increase her size and reduce it to massive and small sizes.

But the limits of Kamala's ability have not yet been revealed but it has grown enough to handle a car and shrunk to a cockroach , It can also selectively increase the size of any part of its body and reduce its volume stemming from its full will, but it seems to prefer to increase the size of her fists .


But she also uses the ability to increase the length of her legs so she can travel long distances in a short period of time. Kamala also has the ability to change shape. In theory, she can look like anyone she wants, but so far she has just turned to Carol Danvers and her mother.

Kamala also had great therapeutic abilities and was hit in the stomach but was able to heal from the wound when it returned to its original form, but could not switch back until the healing process was completed.

Her Weaknesses : 

The power of an electromagnetic pulse can cause it to temporarily disrupt her powers.
She discovered that while fighting the inventor.


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