Gemini Man : review

Gemini Man : review
Gemini Man

The "Gemini Man" scenario has been touring Hollywood since 1997, and in these 22 years has acquired a rather legendary status.

Big names have been linked to him throughout his development phase such as "Harrison Ford" , "Arnold Schwarzenegger", "Sylvester Stallone", and even "Sean Connery", and" Will Smith" was finally selected for the lead role and "Ang Lee" directed, and Gemini Man saw the light. But was this action movie worth the wait for two decades?
It depends on what you love in action movies.

Of course, the biggest attraction here is Will Smith, who performs in both roles, former soldier "Henry Borgan" who became a murderer, and Junior, the younger man who is chasing him. Imagining this film as an action idea developed at the end of the 1990's makes a lot of sense, but unfortunately the final film seems to be the 2019 production, which is not entirely good.
Despite the fun and strange concept, Gemini Man looks very routine with a scenario that lacks a sense of humor and characters we don't know so much about where it's hard to feel any of them.

Gemini Man (like many exciting military films) begins with betrayal, Henry soon becomes a fugitive alongside a newly graduated student Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who was supposed to watch him.
Winstead and Smith perform well in the role of champions and both of them (and their substitutes) excel when given the chance to throw themselves into action.

There is a particularly impressive scene in the first chapter of the film that made me particularly excited about what Winstead will bring to Huntress when she performs in next year's 
Birds Of Prey.

He soon joins the always-delighted duo of " Benedict Wong "(who finally has the opportunity to speak his own nice accent) as Baron, Henry's former companion with a gun who has a secure home in Colombia, "Clive Owen" is not well exploited by a faint character that can easily be forgotten as the villain and the head of the paramilitary company Gemini.

It's hard to talk more about Gemini Man's plot without revealing its secrets ( Definitely obvious ).
But as the film reaches its second chapter, Lee offers some very exciting action scenes when the script allows him to.

There is a spectacular scene that includes chasing motorcycles that will probably leave you feeling dizzy because of the high speed and versatility of the output. In addition to the magnificence of watching the development of age reduction technology and the double appearance of the actor on the screen provided by the company Weta Digital.

The scenes in which Smith's duet appear are generally unexpectedly effective, and there are only a few moments the viewer feels that the footage is based on motion capture technology.
It can be said that the biggest shock in the film is that the effects are the best part of it, and that the script and the story fail.

Another weakness of Gemini Man is that for Action, it doesn't offer enough action. It looks exciting and unique in itself as a huge and explosive action movie, probably due to the fact that it was shot at 120 frames per second,

Unfortunately, he does not have the opportunity to channel his energy properly. Despite the fact that he is full of entertaining moments, he does not seem able to determine what he wants to be.
It is certainly not an action movie from the 1990's, nor does it commit itself entirely to a huge action movie full of enthusiasm and adrenaline, as well as many moments of interaction between characters seem to fit into a dramatic film from the beginning of the millennium.

In other time and place,, Gemini Man could have been a fascinating sci-fi film. It offers a lot of interesting topics, but the scenario does not go deeper to explore, making many of them seem like a last-minute idea.

The film deals with issues such as race, war, self-isolation, sadness and abuse, and for a few moments it addresses the use of Negroes as fuel for American wars in history.
But these issues do not lead or elevate the film, as the script by "David Benioff", "Billy Ray" and "Darren Lemke" prefers to shorten it and stick to the usual traditional things rather than exploiting the science-fiction structure to tell a more exciting story.

A strong cast and impressive graphics that show a director who is still trying to push the film industry to the limit makes watching Gemini Man relatively enjoyable, despite the poor scenario and poor pace that make the viewer want much more than the film offers. The last chapter does not have much effect,

The final scene of the film is also very tacky and disappointing. But if you enjoy exotic action movies, but they are full of flaws, and if you ever want to see Mary Elizabeth Winstead playing Brazilian jujitsu with 2 Will Smith at the same time, you probably should not miss this movie.

It is likely that the movie will appeal to fans of 3D cinema thanks to the appropriateness of this version of the film, even if it only uses this feature for half of its period. Although Ang Lee's return to action was not as good as it should be, Will Smith, Benedict Woon, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead make watching this bizarre movie entertaining even with a weak and inspirational scenario.


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