Hitman's Developer is working on a new game with Warner Bros

Developer Hitman is working on a new game with Warner Bros
 HitmanII,The Warner Bros. Interactive

"The Warner Bros. Interactive" in collaboration with "IO Interactive" is developing and producing a new video game and most likely will not be her client 47 of the hitman games.

Of course, this is not their first collaboration, but Hitman 2 has already come to us after the development team broke away from Square Enix, but it seems that the new game will bring a completely different experience from the previous work of the team and come to the PC and home appliances.

The team in Copenhagen in Denmark and the other in Malmö, Sweden, will work together mainly to develop this mysterious game, and the team is looking to hire more talent to add to these studios to join them in this new adventure.

We don't have any further statements about the game, and we don't know exactly whether it is completely out of the Hitman series or a different new part in the formula and mechanisms, but the first possibility is closer to expectations.


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