It seems that Harley Quinn found a new squad in "Birds of Prey "

It seems that  Harley Quinn found a new squad in  "Birds of Prey "
Birds of Prey / Harley Quinn

" Harley Quinn " or,  "Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel ", the special psychological treatment of the Joker, who loved him and became his partner in most crazy criminal acts, which sometimes Harley was more insane and aggressive than
 "Mr .j" Himself .

The beautiful " Margot Robbie " was chosen to play Harley Quinn in the 2016 film
 " Suicide Squad ".
It seems that DC and Warner Bros. have prepared a special film for Harley called
" Birds of Prey ", which will be a novelty after the suicide squad.

From the film's trailer we understand that Harley and  Mr .j's  relationship did not last long as the boob couple broke up, and Harley made her own way of life without her thug boyfriend.

On her unknown path she meets several women where she has friendship and Harley is engaged with them, or it seems that they have become a new squad for Harley after the disintegration of the suicide squad and it seems that the film will be useful to clarify other aspects and dimensions of the character of Harley, and of course not without the crazy black comedy of Harley .

And of course action has its share, it is our view of the trailer we find that
 Birds of Prey tracks Harley Quinn and joins forces with " Black Canary ", "Huntress ", and " Renee Montoya" to rescue "Cassandra Cain" from Gotham City and Lord " Black Mask ".

         The film is starring :   
Harley Quinn
 Margot Robbie  as ( Harley Quinn )
Mary Elizabeth Winstead   as (Helena Bertinelli / Huntress )   
Jurnee Smollett-Bell   as ( Dinah Lance / Black Canary )

Ella Jay Basco  as ( Cassandra Cain )
Ewan McGregor   as ( Lord Black Mask )
Bojana Novakovic  as ( Erika )

Greice Santo  as ( Scantily Clad Crystal )
Rosie Perez  as ( Renee Montoya )
Chris Messina  as ( Victor Zsasz )

Jenelle McKee  as ( Hot Couple )
Derek Wilson  as ( Tim Evans )

The Film Directed by
Cathy Yan 

Christina Hodson 

Birds of Prey is scheduled to be released in the United States on February 7, 2020, by , Warner Bros. Pictures.


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