Kevin Feige writes Spider-man out of the Marvel Universe

Spiderman far from home

The day before yesterday we followed the promising news from Disney / Marvel and Sony and finally reached a new agreement that Spider-man will continue his story in the Marvel film universe for an additional two years ,

In addition to the material details of the agreement, which can be found in  This Article 
 there are other details that there is one other film in which Spidey will be in the film universe and will be released in 2021, which will be written by "Kevin Feige " according to recent reports .

Spiderman far from home

The " Hollywood Reporter " noted that  " Marvel  " and " Kevin Feige " would like to make the perfect conclusion for Spider-man and avoid the sudden ending of our beloved character with a pending end, as in TV series being canceled without even completing its plot .

That's why Kevin Feige and the Marvel team will try to work on the conclusion of 
 " Peter Parker / Spider-man  " within the Marvel film universe, Befitting  the character , and also with this huge universe.

But at the same time, Kevin will leave the door open in the event of a new deal with Sony to allow the character to continue further within the universe, but with no deals at the moment ,

They want to make sure the character is given a good-bye farewell if Sony doesn't want to repeat the collaboration in the future.


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