List of the highest paid actresses in the world for 2019

Highest Paid Actresses

Talking about the highest-paid actors in the world, we talked about the film industry here , which in recent years has become dependent on the star and the first actor to work, which contributes significantly to reaching the hearts of lovers, even if the work itself does not provide the plot and the story, which was an important element in most cinematic works In the past decades.

We also mentioned the tendency of many filmmakers towards these stars, who consider themselves "First-Class Stars" and who have great competence, as I mentioned in attracting viewers and fans to 

the cinemas in order to follow their works of art
This certainly means a dramatic increase in film revenues and revenues for filmmakers and in return high wages for these stars whose names shine in the sky of the entertainment world and become so much relied on in many different works and are getting huge wages.

Apart from these actors, the world of Hollywood also has a large list of actresses that we can describe as
" First-Class Actresses ", who over the past years have been able to dig their names strongly despite the tough competition of men in this particular,

 but many actresses have been able to prove themselves And put her foot firmly on the path of glory and fame within the territory of "Hollywood". So we are going to show you some of those actresses who have become very prominent in this area and are getting very high wages.

As usual," Forbes Magazine" joins us each year in the list of the highest paid actresses in the world, which includes 10 bright names you may be surprised where your favorite heroine .

The Newspaper pointed out that the calculation of the wages of that list started from the period from June 1, 2018 to June 1, 2019 and the list of many surprises, headed by the first place of this year, which is also the first place in the hearts of many fans of comics (of course you know now) Which managed to earn more than 56 million dollars.

If you don't know her yet, you should continue reading the article to see the full list of the highest paid actresses in the world for 2019.
Let us tie the belts and go on a quick tour to get to know these actresses and what they get paid :

10 - Ellen Pompeo

List of the highest paid actresses in the world for 2019

Perhaps you will not recognize that actress in the case of being a follower of cinema only and not television
 star "Ellen Pompeo" only shined on television, especially in the medical series most famous ever, "Grey's Anatomy"  which has managed over the seventeen seasons to win more than 70 awards. 

including two awards Golden Globe, who also made Ellen in the beginning of this work to achieve The Title of the highest paid actress for 20 million dollars , which by the way prepares her annual salary during her participation in the events of this series.

 It seems that the new series Station 19 and derived from the previous work made Ellen back to the highest-paid platform this year, especially after the Ellen wages exceeded 22 million dollars during that period mentioned above.

9 - Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron

After having disappeared for a long time, Charlize was able to come back and it was a very pleasant return ,This is one of the actresses who are good at choosing their roles and presenting them in the best possible way 

During the last period, it was able to master the art of increasing its profits, whether through cinema screens or even through broadcasting services and television screens, Not only does she introduce new tournaments

 but she also produces powerful titles such as the "Bombshell" film, in which starring actresses such as "Margo Robbie"   "Nicole Kidman" and also "Kate McKinnon" will be available in December. As well as for the animated film The Addams Family, which will also be released later this year

Not only did Charlize do this, but Netflix is ​​involved in the production of many of the series, especially "Mindhunter"   not to mention her participation in the events of the films" Fast and Furious 9" and" Atomic Blonde", through which she made a remarkable performance that made her appear on the list this year with a wage exceeding 23 million Dollars .

8 - Margot robbie

List of the highest paid actresses in the world for 2019

The girl who lives in the past years is the best of her ages, she is one of the few actresses who can choose her roles, and has become one of the brilliant names that can add luster and prestige to any work involved, and even nominated for the Academy Award for best actress in 2017 for her role in the film" I, Tonya" ,

This is why we watched her collaborate with " Leonardo DiCaprio " and "Brad Pitt" and the Outstanding 
Director :" Quentin Tarantino"
during" Once Upon a Time In Hollywood ", which certainly contributed to Margo's presence on this list after her wages reached 23.5 million dollars.

And it will definitely increase in the coming period, especially after the release of the film" Birds of Prey" in cinemas , which will be in February 2020, which will be the character of famous "Harley Quinn" .

7 - Elisabeth Moss

List of the highest paid actresses in the world for 2019

One of the stars of the TV screen that has been able to shine its star in recent years, especially after achieving the "Golden Globe awards ", both for her role in the series of "Top of the Lake" or even the latest series "The Handmaid's Tale" , which made her the bright star of the network "Hulu" , which made us watch it in Our list.

This is of course not our participation in many films from 2019 to 2019, where the number of films amounted to nearly 7 films, until their pay to 24 million dollars.

6 - Kaley Cuoco

List of the highest paid actresses in the world for 2019

Of course, if you're a fan of The Big Bang Theory, you know Benny
the girl who lives next to" Leonard Hofstatter" and " Sheldon Cooper ", the heroine of the series, embodied by the young girl "Cali Cook" and was able to perform well throughout The 12 of the series.

As the series ends in May, Cuoco is back to present Harley Quinn in the Warner Bros cartoon series, due in October, in addition to " The Flight Attendant " series , which will be shown later on HBO Max.
All the good work that Cuoco took part in, enabled her to finish sixth with a wage of 25 million dollars during that period.

5 - Jennifer Aniston

List of the highest paid actresses in the world for 2019

After her great success in the popular comedy series " Friends ", Jennifer is still asking for high wages for her roles while also carefully selecting her roles between the work and the other, during which time she emerged with the comedian "Adam Sandler" who ranked seventh in the list of actors This year, Jennifer also works as a producer for some of the upcoming

" Netflix "movies and series, as well as joining a new" Apple TV " show that will be launched in the coming period , With the recent activity of Jennifer enabled it to reach the fifth place in that list after the salary reached 28 million dollars.

4 - Nicole Kidman

List of the highest paid actresses in the world for 2019

One of the highlights of this list is the presence of an actress with the value of "Nicole" already. In addition to her recent works such as her participation in the successful DC movie," Aquaman ", which has more than 1 billion dollars in revenues,

Nicole is also co-starring and producing the successful HBO series" Big Little Lies" and is currently working on more film and television projects.
All this brilliance made her appear in the list of highest-paid actresses, after her pay to 34 million dollars .

3 - Reese Witherspoon

Lately, many actors are trying to leave the industry as their star fades over time, but
" Reese Witherspoon " is not like that at all.

She has bold and intelligent steps and is starting to regain herself and glory, but on the television screen and in the work of HBO's Big Little Lies, Nicole Kidman is also involved in his production and heroism as we mentioned.

She is currently working on several series and programs with many different networks and services, whether Apple TV or" Hulu " and even " Amazon Prime ", Like her friend Nicole Kidman.

2 - Sofia Vergara

List of the highest paid actresses in the world for 2019

Perhaps one of the surprises on this list, but with the recent comedy series
" Modern Family ", which was recently renewed for two additional seasons in 2019 and 2020 and winning more than 116 awards including the Golden Globe

 it made it easier for Sofia to be on the list of highest-paid actors during this , Not only that, but also the number two on the list with a pay of 44.1 million dollars, not only Sofia in the field of representation, but also has profitable plans outside the industry and offers many of its famous clothing lines.

1 - Scarlett Johansson

List of the highest paid actresses in the world for 2019

The beautiful "Scarlett Johansson" topped the list of the highest-paid actresses this year after she starred with Marvel and provided us with the perfect conclusion to the third stage of Marvel universe 

and the presence of "Avengers : Endgame" for the performance of the character "Black Widow" has certainly earned her this rank, especially the huge returns that This film made Scarlett's pay up to 56 million dollars.

In addition to her role in the film Endgame, she is also currently working on a new starring to embody the same character Black Widow, but in a single film to be released in cinema in 2020 in addition to her presence in the events of Jojo Rabbit, which will be released in October .

Forbes newspaper reported at the end of its report that all the wages of the actresses we mentioned above come before taxes, and does not include, of course, the fees of agents and directors .

As we mentioned before about the highest-paid endgame actors where Scarlett was the highest-paid actress after the film's revenues and you can find out more through This Article .


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