Meet "Kang The Conqueror" , the implacable enemy of entire Marvel universe !

Meet "Kang The Conqueror" , the arch enemy of entire Marvel's universe !
Kang The Conqueror

Many of the characters of the vast universe of Marvel have not been mentioned in her film work, over the past years, and some of these characters are known only by fans of the comics of course, if you are a viewer of Marvel's film work only and did not read anything from the comics, even a little, this article is Certainly useful to you,

At first, the character we're going to talk about here is just unlike all of the previous superheroes we met ,Kang's abilities are so awesome and incredibly terrifying in unbelievably way, and It can be said that ,Kang the Conqueror is a universe within Marvel's universe!
Strange words, right ?

Well, after you finish reading you will understand very well what I'm talking about, There are some strange news, but most of them are shocking.

Meet "Kang The Conqueror" , the arch enemy of entire Marvel's universe !

Originally , kang TheConquer was the villain of " Fantastic Four ", where kang was not one of Avengers' main opponents, but rather a major and stubborn villain of Marvel's universe itself !
Since his deep history in comics makes him an iconic character of Marvel's world,

He has been in conflict with many heroes in multiple universes for Marvel since his debut in 1963.
Although Kang is Marvel's main element, it has not appeared in any of Marvel's films,

As Marvel Cinematic Universe enters a new direction of "Avengers: Endgame" , now is the time to catch up with this entity, and prepare for its cinematic arrival, here are the things you need to know about Kang the Conquerer.


Meet "Kang The Conqueror" , the arch enemy of entire Marvel's universe !

A genius of the future, kang is known in Marvel Comics as a prominent time traveler, using the power of his time ship, Kang could, and indeed traveled every century.
Since MCU films have just begun to travel through time in Avengers: Endgame 

 it may now be the perfect time to bring a heavyweight entity like Kang into the world of cinema.
Some have argued that the new Avengers clearly points to its introduction, its travel abilities have always distinguished it and made kang one of the most wicked and exciting villains Interesting in Marvel.


Meet "Kang The Conqueror" , the arch enemy of entire Marvel's universe !

In addition to his travel time, Kang possesses a large number of weapons and future weapons.
Although he has no super powers,
Kang's battle armor gives him the strength and reflexes to go toe-to-toe with any meta.

One of the most notable weapons of the Conqueror is a missile launcher with a warhead, this destructive rifle may seem enormous, but despite its enormous and mighty power except
It's just the size of a gun !

In addition to his many weapons, kang also leads agglomerated armies of various timelines.
Many of these soldiers are from Kang's time in the future, so they are armed with armor and similar advanced and sophisticated weapons.
Kang also likes to use robots
The most common is the "Growing Man ", which has expanded in size like " Giant Man".
In addition to his armory, Kang is also an extraordinary genius at all, capable of engineering his own weapons of mass destruction.


Meet "Kang The Conqueror" , the arch enemy of entire Marvel's universe !

On his first trip through time, Kang decided to go to Ancient Egypt.
Upon his arrival, Kang used his advanced weapons and robots to control and take over the task, and then ruled the Egyptians as their new pharaoh, "Rama-Tut."

Kang spent most of his time in ancient Egypt looking for the legend of " En Sabah Nur ".
En Sabah Nur's legend will eventually continue to become one of the most powerful villains in the entire Marvel world, "Apocalypse".
The ultimate kang end game was to make the Young Apocalypse his heir.
But unfortunately for Kang, Fantastic Four also find themselves at the same time, and they succeed in overthrowing the evil tyrant.


Meet "Kang The Conqueror" , the arch enemy of entire Marvel's universe !

The travel of kang through time occurs so often that it creates an endless amount of time-duplicates.

This, of course, leads to many intertwined and complex stories, where alternative facts are created, and the course of history is changed.
Kang duplicates have appeared throughout Marvel's history, sometimes at the same time.
At this point, it is impossible to know who the original Kang is, or if he is already there.


Meet "Kang The Conqueror" , the arch enemy of entire Marvel's universe !

A group of kangs formed in alternative timetables, Crosstime Kang Corp decided to assemble in search of a weapon called the "ultimate weapon." This weapon they are looking for is " Celestial ".

This group of Kang found themselves in conflict with "Prime Kang," which is believed to be the original in the main schedule, and ultimately kills Prime Kang Crosstime Kang Corp as a whole.


Meet "Kang The Conqueror" , the arch enemy of entire Marvel's universe !

In the depths of Kang's future, he becomes the master of Immortus time. Tired of fighting and tired of losing his loved ones in multiple timelines, Kang gives up his life as Kang for "Time-Keepers" .

These Time-Keepers  are aliens from the end of the universe, where they chose Immortus as their avatars to defend the timelines of those who would bother them, like his younger ones.
Through many complex and delicately intertwined adventures, Immortus found himself fighting alongside the Avengers and other heroes while he was fighting his former self.


Meet "Kang The Conqueror" , the arch enemy of entire Marvel's universe !

Well, and all that has to do with Iron lad ? don't hurry, you'll know now,

As a member of the team "Young Avengers" with a look much like Iron Man, Iron Lad has always been a fan of the team's favorite.
But this is not unusual, but rather surprising when you know that Iron Lad is the younger version of Kang the Conquerer!

When Kang travels back in time in order to convince his younger self to accept his fate,
Unfortunately, his plan is counterproductive.
Instead, Iron lad wants to correct his future mistakes and become a hero.

He eventually becomes the founder and collector of the Young Avengers , where their first task was to defeat Kang and help Iron lad regain his future.


Meet "Kang The Conqueror" , the arch enemy of entire Marvel's universe !

In order to save his son "Ahura", the Inhuman king " Black Bolt " sends Ahura to the past with 
Kang , Kang agrees but under one condition: he gets to keep Ahura.

In the end, Black Bolt goes to look for his son.
Ahura, now a genius adult, decides to return with his father and help the inhumans.

He already has deep relationships with Avengers and Fantastic Four , these more modern comics give him strong bonds with humans.
This helped establish kang as a key character in the Marvel tradition, and continued to deepen its roots in the Marvel mythology until it became an integral part of it.


Meet "Kang The Conqueror" , the arch enemy of entire Marvel's universe !

What may actually be the most interesting and shocking thing at the same time about kang is his real name: "Nathaniel Richards"
Although not explicitly mentioned, this may mean that he is a descendant of "Mr. Fantastic" himself.
At one time where Kang actually believed that he was a descendant of " Doctor Doom".
Some still believe that this theory is correct and that he is a descendant of Doom.

The secrets of these characters and the ancestral origins are still fascinating.
He is a constant enemy of Fantastic Four, and this potential connection makes the villain more exciting and epic, but exhausting is a process of mobility in all centuries and temporal dimensions when I learned of all these secrets and crying exhausted and this caused me some headaches .

At the end of our conversation here, we hope that Marvel will add a character with a heavyweight such as kang in Marvel's universe to her upcoming cinematic work, which is speculation about the correctness of his appearance or not but we hope to see kang in the coming period.


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