More information about "Shamblers", your worst nightmares in The Last of Us Part 2

More information about "Shamblers", your worst nightmares in The Last of Us Part 2
Shamblers,The Last of Us Part 2

When the Last of Us Part 2 is released early next year, it will not only offer larger environments, a longer story and better graphics, but will also offer a new type of infected enemy known as "Shamblers".

The new enemy Shamblers can be considered a mixture of enemies that we encountered in the first part, he is as blind as Clicker and sees through the renewal of the site by echo while the fungi that grow around him his body acts as a protective shield that protects him from attacking his enemies and makes its elimination very difficult and arduous task.

What is really interesting is the ability of Shambler objects to spray deadly poisons when approaching the player or when they are eliminated, but regardless of those details, how did these creatures appear in the second part and did not appear in the first part?

The director of the game " Neil Druckmann" answered this inquiry explaining that there is something about the environment and the long time that passed after modernity and therefore will explain the reason for the presence of these creatures during the events of the game, then touched on the director to talk about the new faction, explaining that the poison gas used by burning everyone who enters the Its range completely obscures vision, which is an ideal way for other enemies like Runners who can penetrate those clouds and surprise the player in unexpected situations.


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