Netflix expressed interest in "Final Fantasy XIV" !

Netflix expressed interest in "Final Fantasy XIV" !
Final Fantasy XIV

A few months ago "Square Enix" announced its intention to produce a (live-action) series based on"Final Fantasy XIV"  
, which is being worked on in collaboration with "Sony Pictures Television" and "Hivemind Studio", which is also working on the upcoming series "The Witcher".

In a new interview with "Dinesh Shamdasani" , one of the founders of Hivemind, talked about the reason for the selection of the fourteenth part of the series instead of the famous seventh part has been mentioned that the reason is due to the plan to work on a series that can be produced several seasons thanks to the great content provided by the world of Final Fantasy XIVThe game was more convenient to see the studio.

The project is still in the initial stages of the production process and no date has been set for the show to start yet, but the giant Netflix has on several occasions expressed its desire to obtain the rights of the series, according to Shamdasani.


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