Samsung closes its last factory in China "Huizhou "


Samsung shut down its last factory in China, where production at the "Huizhou"  factory was cut several months ago, and now the factory has been shut down permanently, according to a "Reuters" report. 
The Huizhou factory produced 64 million phones in 2017, a large proportion of Samsung's total production of 394 million phones .

The Huizhou factory
The Huizhou factory

This does not mean that Samsung will withdraw from the Chinese market, the company will continue to sell its phones in China. 
But fierce competition with Chinese companies means it is no longer economically feasible for Samsung to continue manufacturing its phones in China.

Samsung's share in Chinese markets has shrunk to 1%, with Chinese consumers turning to local companies to buy cheap phones, while " Apple "and " Huawei " have taken over the market for China's leading phones.

Production equipment will be transferred to Samsung factories around the world, where the company is expanding its production capacity in countries such as Vietnam and India due to lower production cost.

Not only did Samsung shut down its factories in China ,  " Sony " also shut down its Beijing plant early in the year.


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