Samsung launches fingerprint update S10 and Note 10

Samsung launches fingerprint update S10 and Note 10
"Galaxy S10+" & "Note10"

The recent security problem of the "Galaxy S10" has caused a lot of controversy, when a British user discovered the problem and stated that his phone can be opened by any fingerprint, whether registered or not, and later discovered the same problem on the phones "Galaxy S10 +" and "Note10".

Samsung initially claimed that it was due to non-original screen protectors, and then stated that it was not. The company promised to solve the problem as soon as possible and now Samsung announces the release of updates to resolve the problem on the phones S10 and Note10.

Updates will arrive to phones that already have a fingerprint registered, and Samsung advises its users after they install updates by scanning previously registered fingerprints and registering fingerprints without using a screen protector.

Samsung has released updates so far in South Korea only, but the Korean giant reported that the updates will spread around the world within 24 hours.


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