Samsung Note 10 Plus : Creativity But With Some Minor Flaws

The Samsung Galaxy Note Series

Not so long ago, The Samsung Galaxy Note Series was one of the biggest and worst smartphones money to buy, however, over time (especially in the last two years), the new phones began to offer some heavily competing features, bigger screens, bigger memory, and prices Less to match of course.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus – Design and Features

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus – Design and Features

The Galaxy Note 10 Plus is Samsung's newest and most powerful answer to the old question:

 Is It Possible To Get A Large Smartphone Screens?
Well, the 6.8-inch main screen on the main phone extends to the edge of the device,This is the answer to this question.

The edges were almost completely removed from the equation
But there is still a noticeable perforated hole at the top for the front camera screen.

I've seen a lot of iPhones and Android high-resolution screens, but Samsung's edge-to-edge style here is stunningly bluntly exquisite and stunning through which the pixels literally span the curved sides of the phone.

The curved screen also has clearer corners than the iPhone XS Max or OnePlus 7 Pro,
So here you get a much higher resolution, and in the end, you get a sharp 1.440 x 3,040 image from your phone's Quad HD + display.

Samsung Note 10 plus : Creativity but with some minor flaws

And because it's an AMOLED panel, the Note 10 Plus displays the true black color next to the bright and brilliant colors that emanate from the screen.
Once you see the animations that have become vibrant and energetic colors are fun and comfortable for the soul and it is a really great scene.

Samsung has also integrated the fingerprint reader on the screen, so you no longer have to access through the back of the phone.
Of all the on-screen fingerprint readers you've used so far,
The device in the Note 10 Plus feels the most reliable and you can counting on it.

Samsung Note 10 plus

From the name of the phone, the Note 10 Plus is about letting you take notes using its built-in stylus.
Once removed from the custom profile, the screen instantly turns into a digital notebook to let you write or write on anything.
While previous Note phones only allowed you to read your default scribble as you typed it, you can now switch to your saved notes seamlessly, tap the screen and even encode your chicken scratch in digital text.

Samsung Note 10 plus : Creativity but with some minor flaws

Another new S-Pen feature offered by Note 10 Plus is called Air Action,
Which allows you to wav around the pen in front of your phone just like Link with "Windwaker".
To activate the function, you must press the pen button, then the button on the side, and make a gesture as if you are already scrolling on the screen.

So far, Samsung has developed only two air processes running in the camera app.
Swiping will move up (in the air and not on the screen of the device itself) between the front cameras and also the main rear, and at the same time, the movement moves side by side between different camera modes.

Frankly, this feature is of little use unless you are trying to take a picture away from you, for example, or while it is at the end of a selfie stick.
I hope Samsung will find better use of Air actions in the future.

Samsung Note 10 plus : Creativity but with some minor flaws

Let's talk a little bit here on the back of the phone; The Back Of The Note 10 Plus is absolutely stunning to look like it was introduced if you get the "Aura Glow" model as I find it here.
Between the back glass and silvery color, this phone catches almost any light and reflects it back as if it were a rainbow of overlapping colors.

It is truly eye-catching and makes the back of the Note 10 Plus unique every time you look at it.
Unfortunately, despite all this, the color option is a real magnet for smearing, so you should constantly wipe it to remove your fingerprints.

At the back of the device, here you'll also find the other four cameras of the Note 10 Plus 
(five in total with the front snapper)
 which includes 16 megapixels very wide, 12 megapixels, 12 megapixels, as well as the "DepthVision" sensor.

The previous note 9 only contains dual 12-megapixel cameras that can work together to add more depth, so Samsung has updated this device to match multi-camera items such as
"OnePlus 7 Pro" and "LG G8 Thin-Q".

Along the bottom, you'll feel sad or angry, or both, about missing the headphone jack, but at least Samsung thought it was appropriate to take a pair of distinctive AKG USB-C earphones that look very nice by the way.

The good news is that the Plus version of the Note 10 (not unfortunately the smallest) has a microSD card slot for expandable storage.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus : Performance and Gaming

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus : Performance and Gaming

This camera comes with the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Processor that runs Samsung's flagship smartphone fleet so far.
It is a little disappointing that Samsung has not been compatible with the Snapdragon 855 Plus which was registered a little faster,

However, the normal old Snapdragon 855 is still adequate enough for anything a professional user wants.I have never seen a single flaw or hint of delay or intersection even while running an app or even three apps at the same time using the pop-up screen and phone window features.

Of course, the Note 10 Plus helps Samsung fill this sophisticated smartphone with 12GB of memory, with at least 256GB of storage, or 512GB on the step model,

The device is expected to be able to keep all your files, photos, videos, games, and more for years to come , even if you run out of space, you don't care about this problem.
There is always the option to add a microSD card for additional space.

Samsung Note 10 plus : Creativity but with some minor flaws

Note 10 Plus may be a business phone, but it also has some gaming-focused features.
After starting any game, you can bring up the navigation and slide bar to open Game Booster options.
The most useful things you get here are the ability to run Dolby Atmos for games, the quick screenshot button and full-screen gameplay, allowing for a great and satisfying experience for gamers.

This latter part is automatically run for most games, often to give you a very wide gameplay rather than the usual 16: 9 window.
There are still a few stubborn ones who refuse to use the part of the screen surrounding the front camera. By choosing to create a fake black frame instead, you must manually enable full-screen mode by diving into a long list of apps, which is annoying in non-gaming apps that you must pass.

The Note 10 Plus also has a Steam Heatsink, which helps you keep your phone cool even when you touch after running PUBG Mobile for example for long hours in a row or even when using other tax apps.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus - Camera :

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus - Camera

Samsung has always been one of the top three brands (along with Google and Apple) in mobile image quality, and the Note 10 Plus is another great camera phone (often). The three main cameras in the Note 10 Plus can produce stunning images with remarkable contrast and truly vivid colors.

The new 16-megapixel camera is the star of the trio here, unsurprisingly, that the high-resolution sensor is capable of producing remarkably clearer images than any of the other Note 10 Plus cameras with a capacity of 12

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus – Battery Life

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus – Battery Life

the past about your phone's battery life and wish there were more, Samsung has accepted to help you with its Galaxy Note 10 Plus.
In a week and a half of heavy testing, the Note 10 Plus simply refused to surrender and die in one day.

I set the phone to navigate for three hours, watch two hours of video, play games for another hour, social media notification and Google News between all these strenuous and strenuous tasks, however, I still had 20% of the remaining shipments by the end of the day, is great isn't it .

You can be recklessly insignificant in your handling of this phone and you never have to worry about plugging it in or putting it on a wireless charger until the end of the day.

But with a more regular and casual phone usage, Note 10 Plus can easily reach you within three days (and maybe more) without even having to think about recharging it.

The Final Verdict :
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus offers you some important improvements including a full-edge screen and an in-screen fingerprint reader,
Finally added support for OCR for notes, and there are also many fun features with AR Doodles and Live Focus.

But there are also some undesirable things here, this heavyweight phone does not win quite fast because it makes some wrong steps with blurred image quality, unreliable face recognition and some unnecessary features. 

However, the Note 10 Plus is still the king of battery life and the stunning AMOLED screens, not to mention that there is no other phone with pen integration.


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