SHE - HULK : What do you know about her ?


She-Hulk " Jennifer Walters " is a superhero of the Marvel Comics heroes, the character , created by writer " Stan Lee " and artist "John Bossema".
Her first appearance  was in Savage She-Hulk # 1 (February 1980).

Origins :


Jennifer Walters , she is the cousin of Bruce Banner and is the little and somewhat shy
 daughter of "Sheriff William Morris Walters"
and " Elaine (née Banner) Walters"
(Who died in a horrific car accident when Jennifer was at the age of seventeen) .

When some of " Nicholas Trask's" men, a crime boss , intercepted her father's way, Trask shot her ,
She was shot and seriously wounded on the same day that Bruce Banner happened to be in town for a visit .

Due to the lack of other blood donors, Banner provided his blood for transfusion;
Because they shared the same blood type and DNA, his radiant blood, in addition to his anger, turned Jennifer into a green-skinned She-Hulk when gangs tried to kill her in the hospital .

As she-Hulk, Jennifer had powers similar to those of her cousin but at a relatively low level.
They also enjoyed a less brutal and closer look than
Appearance of Amazons .

Initially, the shift to her She-Hulk model had arisen (as with Bruce Banner) due to anger. Just like her cousin Bruce, his leader " Doc Samson ", and most other people who have mutated because of exposure to gamma radiation over the years ,

Her mutated form was originally explained as proceeding from her unconscious desire to look like the ideal woman.
She ultimately controls her transformation when " Michael Morbius " heals her from a deadly blood disease.
As a criminal defense lawyer, Jennifer defended Dr. Morbius Michael in his trial for the murders he committed.

In the end, Jennifer decided she would retain her form
Permanently - preferring freedom and trust in She-Hulk and the assurance he gave her compared to her more fragile "natural" model .

After her short solo career, Jennifer joined the " Avengers ".
This led to her transfer to Battleworld by Beyonder and her participation in the Secret Wars, most notably to provoke her long-standing rivalry with the newly empowered "Titania" .

Powers and abilities :


Due to transfusion of radiant gamma radiation from her cousin
Bruce Banner (The Hulk)

Jennifer has enormous superhuman strength, and when she is in superhuman form She-Hulk acquires enormous physical strength which may make her one of the strongest physically known women in the world of Marvel,

That's when her emotional state is high enough.

Although She-Hulk's strength originally remained at a certain level and did not increase, later in her history it was said that her power sporadically increased fear or anger, as with her cousin. In addition, Jennifer enjoys super speed and agility, stamina, and quick reflexes .

As She-Hulk, Walters is significantly stronger than Jennifer Walters's image ; so any additional strength Jennifer Walters gained through intense physical training will be greatly amplified and marked, making her She-Hulk shape stronger and more solid.


When she was defeated by " Champion of the Universe ",
She-Hulk for several months practiced strenuous physical workouts in her form Jennifer Walters, resulting in a significant increase in strength and muscle mass in her She-Hulk form and allowing her to properly defeat the Champion in a rematch.

At this time she was able to effortlessly sustain the Thing's maximum weight with a single arm ,
Its power was largely constrained by "Jupiter's suit ", showing that it was much stronger than the legendary Hercules.
Since then its quiet power level has declined but remained somewhat higher than " Wonder Man ", for example.

She-Hulk's body is highly tolerant to the human being and almost immune to strength, pain and disease:
Its skin can withstand extreme temperatures, as well as endure enormous pressures and effects without puncturing wounds or even tearing.
Improved physiology makes it immune to all diseases and epidemics.

She-Hulk also has a healing agent, enabling her to fully recover within a few minutes, from a skewer by" Wendigo" when she fights him.


Unlike (The Hulk) , Jennifer's personality and intelligence are less affected when she becomes She-Hulk , Although she became more self-confident and firmer, for a long time, Jennifer could not return to her original human form and remained supernatural.
She - Hulk.

Because of her training of alien Ovoids, She-Hulk is able to exchange powers and fitness with other women but retains her green pigmentation of course, and uses this ability only once.

Because of Hulk's desire, Jennifer can now switch between her human shape and the supernatural she-Hulk whenever she wants.

She - hulk Skills :


She - hulk Is a formidable fighter ,
She became more in control of her powers and also in her anger, having been trained by " Captain America " and "Gamora" .

Even in the form of Jennifer Walters, she has enough skill in the martial arts to send many more potential criminals than she is now and this overlooks her remarkable physical development.

She once offered enough knowledge of acupressureto to make ugly insensitive by hitting several specific neurological groups after their first use of psychology in order to distract him .

Jennifer is also a skilled, experienced and intelligent lawyer, who attended the University of California Law School in Los Angeles, where she was a member of the "Order of the Coif ", a national merit society dedicated to senior legal scholars.

She-Hulk did legal work as a member of Magistrati, who had the ability to force her to adjudicate cases anywhere in creation. She stopped working on this job after successfully determining the merits of her own being to continue to exist Opposed by Ultimate Marvel Universe before the Living Court.

In addition to all her wonderful skills, she is a skilled pilot. She has already used a modified Dodge in 1995 equipped with technology that allows to fly in the atmosphere of the Earth and also in outer space for limited distances, although it is unable to fly between the stars, but it is a high-class aircraft She is highly skilled and experienced in aviation.


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