Some banks pull fingerprint from their apps for Galaxy S10

Some banks pull fingerprint from their apps for Galaxy S10
Galaxy S10

Since fingerprint sensors spread and gained popularity, some banks have started to support fingerprint login.
 But the news has recently spread about the possibility of unlocking the "Galaxy S10" phones by anyone's fingerprint by placing a screen protection sticker and pressing the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.

After the news spread, many banks began to withdraw their applications from the Galaxy S10 phones because they did not meet the security standards, or canceled the login feature by fingerprint on the phones S10. 
National Bank of Westminster and Natwest Bank in the UK have taken precautionary measures to avoid the misuse of fingerprints on S10 phones.

"NatWest" has withdrawn its application from the store for Galaxy S10 phones, while NatWest has disabled fingerprint access. There were no reports of US banks taking similar measures.

Samsung promised to solve the problem by issuing a new security update package this week, so if you are a user of Galaxy S10 or S10 Plus we recommend that you cancel the fingerprint feature until Samsung solves the problem as promised.


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