Starbreeze returns to work on PayDay 2 add-ons!

Starbreeze returns to work on PayDay 2 add-ons!
PayDay 2

"Starbreeze" publishing and development company recently suffered from financial problems raised by the ground and caused the dismissal of a number of employees of the company and the sale of some of the addresses and development teams for the continuity of the company is now returning to stand on its feet and papers and plans for the future.

We already know that the company intends to release the third part of "PayDay" during the fiscal year 2022/2023 and has now announced its return to the development of additional content for the game "PayDay 2" , but the company backs away from its promise to provide all additional content free of charge to the owners of the Ultimate Edition.

The "Legacy Edition" has been announced, which will include all the previous additional content but to get future additional content you will have to pay, PayDay 2 was released 6 years ago and we have to wait to see if this step from the company is a deliberate plan to re-profit or is it a desperate attempt to secure its future In industry.


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