The closed beta release of the " GWENT " card game on smartphones

The closed beta release of the " GWENT " card game on smartphones

The development studio "CD Projekt RED" announced the release of the game cards "GWENT" on smartphones devices, which will be released initially for iOS devices on October 29, and now the studio announced the release of the closed beta version to try on the device before the release.

GWENT is a card game that started as part of The Witcher 3, where Geralt scrambled with non-playable world characters either in summer sessions or in exciting games or to finish a mission without resorting to killing. Gwent ?! Or do you mind playing together a GWENT card game ?!

The closed beta release of the " GWENT " card game on smartphones

The game, of course, was very fun, whether the rules of the game or the card sets contained in the game .. Many groups such as the monsters group, and the Squiatel group, and the group Nilefjard and other groups where each card has a feature and a feature that will attract you to try it, That is before you the evil of defeat.

The GWENT card game was released as a free, stand-alone game.
On PCs and PS4 and Xbox one devices, it has already won the admiration of many gamers, especially from the Witcher 3 First, he knows how fun it is!

In late September, CD Projekt RED announced the release of smartphones, and will be released first on the iOS device on October 29 this year and the player will be able to download them through the App Store; IPhone 6S and above and iPad Mini 4 and above will also support iPad Air 2 and later.

The smart phone version will contain all the features of the PC version but with control and features adapted to the touch features of smartphones, also in-game progress can be saved and transferred between the computer and iOS devices via a GOG account but that feature does not include the PS4 and Xbox one versions.


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