The Lenovo "ThinkPad X1" is a full-fledged folding screen ready

The Lenovo "ThinkPad X1" is a full-fledged folding screen ready
"The Lenovo "ThinkPad X1

Today's information returns this hybrid device to the forefront of technical news, it has been confirmed that it has become as a hardware ready, but still do not rejoice too much you will not be able to buy it until the second quarter of 2020, especially as this device will work with Windows 10x dedicated to this type Of devices that include two monitors.

As a reminder, we saw this hybrid device for the first time during the "Accelerate 19" event from Lenovo 5 months ago where the company showcased its latest product lines from "ThinkPads" , "ThinkCentres", "ThinkBooks", along with virtual reality solutions and professional field besides artificial intelligence. But the highlight was the portable device designed in the form of an integrated folding screen! 
Yes, folding, the new technology that reached the screens made us witness this unique achievement.

Unfortunately, the company has not yet disclosed its technical details despite the completion of its hardware design and readiness. However, by looking at this device we can guess that the key element of the design is the folding screen by relying on LG 2K OLED panel with its support for touch and stylus design. When fully opened, the screen displays a size of 13.3 inches, but when folding the mobile screen, half of the screen size will be 9.6 inches from the side of the folding to the top corner corresponding to it and a good space to perform various tasks.

The Lenovo "ThinkPad X1" is a full-fledged folding screen ready

According to Lenovo, this phone will be able to work all day with battery, which is interesting! Was the quality of the processor used by Intel to make the battery run all day or was it based on a larger capacity battery than conventional solutions? This is what we will know later. If you're wondering where the keyboard is? Well, you'll have two options to either connect to an external keyboard or rely on the laptop's internal keyboard, which shows you as soon as you fold the screen and activate the internal keyboard of the operating system to look like this as you see in the picture.

Finally, there will be fierce competition for this device, especially with the thinking of both Asus, Dell, HP launch such hybrid devices with two monitors as Microsoft did with Surface Neo that uses the Intel Lakefield hybrid processor using the next Foveros 3D technology to the market during the holidays in 2020.


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