Things You Should Know About The Last of Us Part 2

Things You Should Know About The Last of Us Part 2
The Last of Us Part II

The audience of "The Last of Us Part 2" suffered from silence for many months until we reached the crucial moments that revealed the date of the global launch and several interesting details about the game.

Having come up with all those presentations and videos statements, we have a package of interesting information, which we have collected in this article.

Game world :

Things You Should Know About The Last of Us Part 2

The game demo has shown us two areas of the world
 "Seattle" and the "American town of Jackson ", some of which have been promoted in previous shows
The town of Jackson is the home of
" Ellie" and Joel at the beginning of the story of the new part
Ellie can still pick up different gadgets and notes as she wanders through the game world, and of course more precision and depth have been added to this ability or feature .

When Ellie grabs a flammable bottle (its time is still not burning of course) from "Dina" , the player will be able to move this bottle in all directions, and the liquid inside it can be seen how it moves realistically

When Ellie and Dina are exploring an area of ​​another disaster survivor, they will find tapes that directly hint at "Crash Bandicoot" games.

The game will not be an open world and not of this type of games, but the areas will be wide to allow exploration features and learn more details about the world and characters .

The Game play :

Things You Should Know About The Last of Us Part 2

Accurate listening to what's happening near the player will come back, and Ellie will be able to focus your hearing to see what's behind the walls and where humans and creatures are nearby.
The listening feature has been updated so that the heroine can now see a visual impact of the rest of the heroine herself, only when there are enemy dogs close to the possible, aiming to focus the player's attention on the comfort of the hero so that the dogs do not reveal them .

At some point we will see the heroine driving on a horse accompanied by Dina, and the horses in the game seem very loyal and intelligent and will come back to you on their own even if you get away a lot from them, in order to save you the trouble of wasting time back to them
Dogs can be distracted by throwing a bottle or stone, but this method will fail if you approach them too or if a new dog comes and finds your smell .

The tools you find around the world of the game help you in the activities of the craft to make silencers pistols, flaming bottles, shock bombs, traps and treatment tools and other, and weapons can be developed with the same mechanism
The weapons in the game include Shotgun, Rifle, revolver, bow and arrow and more ,
Ellie did not have an arc to fight during the game in Jackson but got one during Seattle-related events
The arrows used can be recovered if the player hits enemies in their heads .

Things You Should Know About The Last of Us Part 2

Of course, new shares can be made from the in-game craft system by collecting the required materials

Ellie's skill tree has been updated ,You can acquire new abilities by collecting enough bottles in the game world, and some of the skills we have seen include increased character health, speed of movement during listening concentration and increased speed of treatment.

The heroine can now jump and there is a special button for this mechanism
There is also a special button to maneuver enemies and avoid their strikes
The heroine can lie on the ground or bend over and take cover
With things,

The heroine can hide among the grass, but if not covered completely, the enemies will be able to see her

There is a new type of infected monsters called " Shambler ", which are slower than others but have more power .

Things You Should Know About The Last of Us Part 2

The game will see the return of previous types of monsters, and what we saw in the demo 
was " Runners" and "Clickers" .

Ordinary and random enemies will have their own names and will call
Some of them with these names,

The player will notice that there are relationships between them, and these relationships will lead to anger of one of them when the killing of a person important to him especially and emotionally .

Game characters :

Things You Should Know About The Last of Us Part 2

"Ellie" and "Joel" live in a large area of ​​Jackson at the start of the game ,
Dina lived in the same area before the previous couple arrived, but she quickly became Ellie's dear and close friend.

Joel still enjoys watching simple action films, and on a special Patrol night as shown in the demo, he was planning to watch a movie of this genre with Ellie
And Ellie's horse named "Shimmer" and and Dina's horse named "Japan" .

Ellie lives in a large area of ​​Jackson and goes on a day-to-day trip to check for safety.
In a particular section of the demo, the heroine wore a mask to protect against gases, but do not know what is the reason, it may be to hide her identity or to protect herself from cordecyps virus such as the first part

The player will be introduced to a group called WLF while the heroine in Seattle, a non-indigenous armed group, has taken control of the area and is fighting or imprisoning anyone who is exposed to them and their area.
The heroine came to Seattle to save "Tommy" , Joel's brother .

The game in general :

Things You Should Know About The Last of Us Part 2

There will be no group game mode

The physical version of the game will be released via two disks, not one
The game is the longest title on which Naughty Dog has worked
Three special versions of the game are available for purchase: , "Collector’s" and "Special Ellie Editions" .


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