Vikings Season 6 officially announced

Vikings Season 6 officially announced

Despite the average ratings of Season 5 of the series " Vikings "compared to the first parts of the series that have achieved great success and spread all over the world. 
" History "Channel announced the renewal of the sixth season will be the last season of the series, but the last period did not share any details Next season or until the start of the first episode on the channel .

But today, the channel participated with us a new promotion from the sixth season of the series Vikings, which revealed the date of the first episode on the 4th of December, and it was time to finally bid farewell to this work after the episodes reached 89 episodes.

" Michael Hurst ", the creator of the series, said that the Vikings journey, which lasted over the last 6 years, came to its final stage, and that there are still 20 episodes that we will get during the sixth and final season of the series, and mentioned "Michael" it will be the most ambitious and emotional episodes Capacitor rings for past parts .

Vikings Season 6 officially announced

The channel also shared with us the official poster of the new season in which we see the distinguished actor "Alexander Ludwig", which is embodied in the role of the character "Bjorn", the same face and details of his famous father, "Ragnar Luthbrook".

Vikings Season 6 officially announced


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