What 's New in Pokémon sword and Shield


Who doesn't know the " Pokémon " series with it's wonderful hero's and beloved  beautiful creatures , after the success of the series was the work of several parts of  Pokémon electronic games , and received a sweeping success and unrivaled one

And a mobile game has been developed for mobile phones on the systems IOS, Android, the game rich in the definition 
" Pokémon Go ", where the game immediately after its launch in early July 2016, the game was in great demand especially popular among teenagers.


On July 20, 2016, according to a report from " sensortower ", Pokémon Go has surpassed 30 million downloads worldwide on Android and IOS mobile devices, with revenue exceeding 35 million dollars.

On Friday, July 22, 2016, " Apple " announced that Pokémon Go was able to break the record as the most downloaded apps from the "Apple Store" in the first week of its launch.
And the company did not disclose the number of downloads achieved by the game, as well as did not mention the name of the application that Outperformed the game.

Now it seems that we are on a date with a new epic part of this wonderful series , 
Titled ; "Pokémon sword and Shield"

It is a role-playing game developed by 
" Game Freak "and published by The 
" Pokémon Company " and " Nintendo " for " Nintendo Switch ".
The first major series games will be in the 8th generation of the Pokémon franchise, and the second in the series to be released on a home controller .

                               Game story :                             

Like many previous entries for the Pokemon series, the player begins his journey to become the best Pokémon  trainer in the " Galar " area, 
starting to challenge his neighbors and    his rival " Hop " ,

Where the player receives one of three Pokémon from
the local " Professor Magnolia "
After receiving a letter of support from "Champion Leon" , they face a confrontation with gym leaders in each town, including "Milo",  "Nessa ",  "Bea" and Allister, aiming to participate in the Champions Cup.

The gyms showcase Dynamax and Gigantamax Pokémon, under the supervision and implementation of the Galar's Pokémon League Chairman, "Rose".

Pokémon  sword and Shield games are set for a worldwide release on November 15, 2019.


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