25 most scary games of the present generation

With "Resident Evil" returning to its roots, the creator of "Shinji Mikami" returning to the world of horror and survival that he helped create, and the emergence of surprising independent games like "Outlast", the current console generation has presented great games for fans of darkness and horror.

On the occasion of Halloween, we present today a list of the 25 most terrifying games of this generation From November 2013 Until Now.

25. Observer

"Bloober Team", the developer of "Layers of Fear", has moved away from the usual psychological horror games with "Observer", a mind-bender game set in a devastating cyberpunk world. The result is a set of elaborate mental tricks that will make you gradually wonder the truth of the game world.

24. Echo

"Echo" may not be a typical horror game, but its main attraction that your character is chased by cloned characters using the same style of play against you creates a constant feeling of uneasiness and tension of the moment behind the other as you question every step you take.

23. Anatomy

"Anatomy" takes less than an hour for each tournament, and takes every moment to its fullest, guiding you through a horror house that you can barely see. The developer, "Kitty Horrorshow", told Slate: "The sudden horror moments are when you attack the player, but the panic moment is when they have to do something, even if they don't want it." The panic moment is what the company uses to make a big impact. In Anatomy.

22. Layers of Fear

"Bloober Team Studio" has the skill to distort reality, and the constantly changing home of the crazy artist in "Layers of Fear" represents this distortion in its most effective form.
While his tricks become more predictable over time and therefore less terrifying, Layers of Fear reaches impressive horror levels at its opening hour.

21. Prey

When any of your normal objects can really be a deadly, black-changing, sticky block, it's hard to feel absolutely safe in the world of "Prey".
With the constant threat of " Mimics " , occasional sudden horror moments and a sci-fi story that makes you dizzy, Prey succeeds in being one of the best psychological horror games of this generation.

20. Stories Untold

"Stories Untold" offers a new approach to the decades-old written adventure. With its powerful authorship and cleverly designed puzzles, you'll be captivated by its four interrelated stories.

19. SOMA

With its terrifying atmosphere and frightening moments, "SOMA" makes a huge impact on its underwater facility. But its existential horror a bleak look at the potential future of humanity and artificial intelligence is what makes it stand out from the rest to be one of the most terrifying games that inspire you to think of this generation.

18. Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs replaces the sudden moments of horror that characterized its predecessor with a slower journey full of awe through the eyes of wealthy industrialist Oswald Mandus. It's not the next part of Dark Descent that some have predicted, but it's no less successful than it is with its personal story and its fearsome world.

17. Bloodborne

"Bloodborne" can be considered one of the best action games and genius of this generation, but it is also a survival and horror game that was professionally executed. Thanks to her story, world design, monster design and the constant threat of death, Bloodborne is one of the most stressful and horrifying experiences you can find on the PS4.

16. Yomawari: The Long Night Collection

Please turn off all the lights and just focus on this screen," this is a sentence you read before you start "Midnight Shadows", one of The Long Night Collection's two games. She then asks you to promise that you will not look away from the screen, as you have to press yes, although we suspect it is a promise that all players will be able to keep.

But don't let the nice game style fool you: the designs and atmosphere in these two games are panic.
"Yomawari" is visually beautiful with a sense of tension and sometimes even inconvenience, and combines childish graphics with adult themes.

15. Little Nightmares

Similar to the "Yomawari" collection, "Little Nightmares" hides behind its comic-style comics, designing strange characters and horrific killing methods. Thanks to its passionate chase scenes, the game offers an unforgettable horror experience that is relatively family-friendly.

14. Until Dawn

"Until Dawn" has the best and worst traits we used in low-budget horror movies, full of blood, death, interpersonal tension, debates, vulgar plots and excessive sudden horror moments. It's not the horror of everyone's favorite, but it offers great fun and is the closest thing to what can be considered a playable version of "A Cabin in the Woods" that you can find.

13. The Last of Us

The only disturbing nature of Infected mainly Clickers and their appalling whines is enough to put The Last of Us on our list. But the human element in this Naughty Dog masterpiece remember David? Is what gives it the element of terror for the devastating post-disaster world.

Yes, The Last of might be a game of the last generation, but the amazing remaster version it released made it worthy of a place on this list.

12. Doki Doki Literature Club

It can be said that it is very difficult to discuss what makes "Doki Doki Literature Club" tense without burning anything. The best horror games keep you tense even after you stop playing, and a few games succeed like Doki Doki.

11. Five Nights at Freddy's

"Five Nights at Freddy's" succeeded in building a wide audience base thanks to its surprising and frightening moments. While they are simple in design, their success is often due to their play style.You are not exploring an abandoned place or a haunted house or even chasing monsters, but you sit and wait for danger to come to you.

10. The Forest

"The Forest" throws you amidst lush and tranquil green forests, complemented by bright green colors and warm sunlight. And that is until ... cannibals come to turn all this calm into a horror that makes the heart beating quickly. The game features thoughtful artificial intelligence that prevents enemies from blindly attacking you, making you awaited all the time and making horror more effective when they decide to attack.

9. The Evil Within 2

Take the original "Evil Within" game, expand its world and reduce its resources with a more cohesive storyline, you'll get a perfect second part of the horror game and stay excellent originally.

It is one of the most complete game experiences of this generation, and while the horror goes beyond that of the first part, your knowledge of the world beforehand has deepened your fear, which is why we give it a slight advantage over its predecessor.

8. The Evil Within

Innovative Resident Evil "Shinji Mikami" returned with a horror game and survival of 2014 with The Evil Within, which did not disappoint.
With RE roots, Evil Within thrives thanks to its challenging gameplay, limited resources, an inspiring world, a captivating story and the designs of its terrifying enemies.

7. Detention

Quiet and disturbing overall, "Detention" is a slow-paced two-dimensional horror game set in an abandoned school. It does not contain that immediate horror, but rather a thoughtful and emotional psychological horror rooted in Taiwan's history from the middle of the last century. Thanks to its character designs, movement, environment graphics and lighting, Detention succeeds in creating the terrifying atmosphere of the best games of this genre.

6. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

We arrive at "Resident Evil 7", the most fascinating horror series in the history of gaming, which has gradually become an intense action-gaming series. The RE6 was the weakest in the main series, and after a 5-year hiatus, Capcom is back with the most terrifying and innovative games in the series history since RE4.

RE7 used the first person perspective for the first time on the series date, a controversial decision for the series with a third person perspective history. But this decision ultimately paid off, as the new perspective heightened the degree of indulgence, and thus the level of terror, and opened the door to even more terrifying VR experience. Despite the change in perspective and initial separation from other series games, RE7 proved to be the most Resident Evil game in years, paving the way for this year's exceptional RE2 Remake, and an exciting future for the famous horror and survival series.

5. Outlast 2

Similar to The Evil Within, the second part of "Outlast" expanded the scope and size of the original game, while maintaining what made the horror in the original part so powerful. Thanks to the unmistakable tension of photography, the scary enemies' design, the deadly gang of religion, the horrifying moments, the slow psychological horror, and the coherent story, Outlast 2 has a well-crafted horror that fits all kinds of horror lovers.

4. Resident Evil 2 Remake

Capcom released after a great new RE7 remake from Resident Evil 2. The horror and survival game is already reintroduced in a better way with improved graphics, better character models and a more threatening and terrifying version of Mr. X, the camera angle is more smooth than the shoulder, and many more.

But with the exception of the 2019 upgrades, RE2 remained one of the most influential horror games in terms of building stress: resources are scarce and the sound design is excellent and the constant threat to Mr. X and his improved stalking ability is outdone by only the villain of the next game ...

3. Alien: Isolation

"Alien: Isolation" offers both the horror and survival of this type of game. It may not be the most intimidating game of this generation, but when it is at its best, the horror is unmatched by any other game released in the last six years. Few games have managed to achieve this level of tension-filled gameplay that makes up the majority of Alien: Isolation, as Xenomorph's sharp and focused hunting ability leaves little time for the player to rest during her 15-20-hour playing time.

2. Outlast

With Outlast, Red Barrels took the genre based on “Found Videos” and subtly turned it into an interactive nightmare of about 5 hours. The game does not give players anything to defend themselves, it is a cat and mouse game, in which you mouse and cats are highly aggressive deformed patients in a supposedly abandoned psychiatric hospital.

Furthermore, Outlast effectively transforms the vision into an in-game resource, as you can only see in the majority of the hospital through the green lenses of the night vision camera. When you can see what is chasing you, the game brings its horror level to any other game on this list. But when the lights go out, they reach another level of horror unmatched by another game

1. P.T.

P.T. wasn't a full version , It is no longer available for download, but the playable version was undoubtedly the most terrifying video game of this generation.

Come P.T. as a result of a two-time, one-off collaboration in a console generation between "Hideo Kojima" and "Guillermo del Toro", unveiled through a simple teaser at the Gamescom 2014 event, followed by a quiet release via the PlayStation Store.

A few hours later the odor was resolved, and it was revealed that P.T. She is Silent Hills.
Although the code was resolved, the solution was not clear. P.T. Obsessed, online players Twitter, Reddit, Twitch, YouTube and other platforms tried to figure out how to reach the real end of P.T.

Kojima's grand plan paid off, at least for some time, as P.T. More than a million times in a month, it has been the focus of the gaming world for weeks, a huge achievement in a sector that moves at great strides every day.

Then there was the game itself, which was just as awesome as the revelation was awesome. P.T. In one beautifully designed complex hallway. Turning in a corner remains scary at the fifteenth time as it was scary for the first time. Minor changes to the environment in each round make it difficult for the player to predict what they will see, eliminate the familiarity of the place and add a disturbing spirit to a seemingly restricted play area.

Similar to all the other games on this list, you are quite weak in P.T., unable to manipulate the playable character more than walk them. You can't fight or hide, and one wrong step can lead to failure, and the price of failure is steep when Lisa is always completely behind you.

Of course Silent Hills did not reach completion, Konami urged the project to be officially canceled the day after P.T. From the PS Store, the strange story of the most terrifying games of this generation has ended.


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