A new controller may be patented for PlayStation 5!

PlayStation 5
PlayStation 5

A new Sony patent has emerged in Japan to showcase a Dual Shock controller designed for PlayStation devices, which could be for the PlayStation 5, which will be released next year by Sony, the renowned gaming platform series.

It is clear from this patent that the change will come in the touchpad, which has been shortened in length from the top with a built-in microphone in the controller from the bottom under the PlayStation button and there may also be a USB-C slot for charging as well as old ones.

PlayStation 5

What's also new is the change of the tool's backsets that are adapted to the gameplay environment within the game itself, which will give each trigger a different reaction in the game scenario,It is also clear that the headset for the secondary sounds in the game will be better than the old Dual Shock 4.

There is not much to know about the new PlayStation series, but the most important thing is to improve the download speed and improve the user interface for a better experience for anyone who will buy the new platform in the holiday season next year to enjoy the latest technologies in the world of platforms. The console is supposed to compete with PCs in terms of performance and speed of work in the game.


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