God Of War director alludes to his work on a new science fiction game!

God Of War
God Of War

Director "Corey Barloge" seems to be working on something new and different from God of War, which has turned out to be related to the sci-fi world!

Where on the official page of Twitter of the director of the game God Of War;
We find it interesting for fans by changing the image of his account to a strange image of space as well as the image of the interface of his Twitter page is the famous space image of NASA called Deep Space, and then writes a strange tweet written ending transmission, made players wonder what the new project that works It Corey Barloge!

God Of War

Some fans have noticed that the tweet of the director of (God Of War) included Morse code inside; when translated, they found that it reads “55HSIE”! Looking at the last three SIE characters, it is a reference to Sony Interactive Entertainment, the publisher of exclusive PS4 games including GOD OF WAR.

Of course, we do not know what the project is working on Corey Barloge, but it is a game of science fiction, perhaps, and space related and will be exclusive to the PS4 or PS5 .. But what is the name of the project or entity ?! We do not know, either this or either Cretus and his son will go to space in Ragnarok!

But I hope the tweet isn't just a celebration of Corey Barlog's "Mass Effect" in N7 Day!


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