Instagram launches a new video editing style similar to TikTok

Instagram launches a new video editing style similar to TikTok
Instagram  style similar to TikTok

It seems that the series of transferring Facebook for features of other applications will not stop, after the completion of cloning Snapchat application will start Facebook in what seems to move to the famous video application TikTok. Copying this time will not be in a particular feature but in the way the videos are created as a whole to be more similar to what TikTok offers.

News of the new versions have long appeared on Twitter via a Jane Manchun Wong account specializing in reverse engineering and discovery of new application features. This news was quickly confirmed with the launch of a new video shooting pattern today in an update to the Instagram app in Brazil to begin the replicated Reels pattern for availability to users of the app on iOS and Android.

Instagram launches a new video editing style similar to TikTok

According to TechCrunch, based on the new update available in Brazil, the new Reels mode allows users to create short videos (for 15 seconds so far) with a track selected to run in the background of the video in a similar way to what users are doing on TikTok. The current version of the application in Brazil already contains a large library of tracks scattered there during the current period in addition to the possibility of borrowing tracks used by others and not available in the library.

The new style also supports the addition of a set of tools for editing on the video before publishing in addition to the possibility of adding temporary sentences and some expressions during the video.

Instagram will not make the new mode work separately as it did when creating the Stories, but will make it part of it and will be accessed by creating a new Story to be available alongside Boomerang and SuperZoom options for editing on short clips.


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