Leak... all the details of the next Clan system of the game PUBG !!

Pubg season 10
Pubg season 10

According to some leaks that the Clan system may be on the outskirts of access to the game PUBG What are the needs and details ??

Pubg season 10

PUBG is still making many updates that intend to return its lost player base again and according to leaks by the information collector PlayerIGN, who has leaked the global Championship fashion before and is a well-known information collector, the next step of the game will be the presence of the system Clans, which It is not new to the players, especially as it is present in the game PUBG Mobile has leaked the detailed requirements to create a Clan or join him and the following:

Corresponding: 5000 of the game currency BP
Name: From 2 to 15 characters
Logo: 30 of the Characters
Presentation: Up to 150 characters
Members: Up to 20 players

Pubg season 10

Clans will give social advantage and help players communicate and play with each other much easier,Besides having challenges for every Clan he has to do in order to get rewards and others and that's what we expect to see because of what we saw in PUBG Mobile.

Those were all new leaks about the upcoming Clan system in the time of the release of which we do not know officially yet, we shared your opinion dear reader and will this add a reason for the return of players again or that PUBG has ended irrevocably?


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